Gather Divine Coins and Gacha! – Chapter 017

Chapter 017 




I answered Alex’s question in one word.


Come to think of it, I originally came to accompany Alex in testing his shield.

A shield is something to receive attacks, not something to hit.


“Good. Also, you shouldn’t get off that, okay? Use this if your nail wouldn’t work.”


After giving that instruction, he handed over the sword that was on his waist.

It’s a short so-called short sword.

If I charge while holding it while using my [Floating Orb] to attack,I could probably easily defeat a goblin, but would there be a case where my nail wouldn’t work?

It’s the source of my confidence…


“Here it comes. Let’s go.”




Hearing Alex’s voice, I raised my head while looking at my nail.

Looking ahead, there were two goblins holding clubs.

Alex had already prepared his shield and moved right in front of the goblins.

And the goblins are also starting to attack Alekc.


Come to think of it, it’s the first time I’ve seen goblins attack because he’d defeated them in one hit until now…


Looking at it from above from a little distance, how should I put it, they’re… stupid?

Head-on, they slam the clubs in their hand against Alex’s shield.

It seems that they can only see Alex, and although I’m not that far away, they didn’t pay attention to me at all.


I can do this.


Just in case, I floated up to the ceiling from a position a little further away and moved behind the goblins as if I was crawling on the ceiling.

Alex seems to have noticed my action. The goblins hasn’t noticed me, but he started to raise his voice to get their attention for sure.

Isn’t that a nice tank?


When I got down to a height of about 1 meter, I accelerated at once, and first stretched out the [Shadow Sword] toward the neck of the goblin on the right side and swung.

Supan! I decapitated it without any resistance, and the other one noticed me and turned towards me, but I turned once with the momentum of the first swinging and decapitated it in the same way.


It… it’s an instant kill!


I was relieved that my first battle had ended and that the [Shadow Sword] was as effective as I thought it was, but I felt a sense of incongruity in my left hand and tried to open it.


“Isn’t this a divine coin…”




“What is it?”


Alex, who was dealing with the remains of the goblins, came and noticed that I was staring at my left hand.


“Look at this.”


When I showed him the divine coin, he looks surprised.

Actually, it appears when the monsters are defeated, but the probability seems to be low.

Alex and Elena also took several years to gather enough plus the divine coins I gave, and finally got 10 coins.


It dropped all of a sudden…!




“Hey… can you help me out a little?”


Huh? No~…”


After completing the first battle, the number of battles that followed increased steadily, and I think I could even win against a goblin by himself easily.

So, what can I help him with? It’s about dealing with the remains of the monsters.

There is a core in their head, and when it is crushed, it drops a relic rarely, but its corpse disappears.

If you don’t do it properly, the remaining corpses will rot and be miserable.

It’s the etiquette of those who use the dungeon to do this, but…


“It’s dirty.”


No, even I myself think what kind of lady am I to say that, though?




“I’d get scolded by Hannah-san.”


Hannah-san, the head maid of House Müller.

Just the other day, I saw the captain of the security guard, who was quite an important person, being scolded behind the scenes by Hannah-san.

Perhaps he knew about that, Alex made a convinced expression.


“…why did you come dressed like that anyway?”


As for how what kind of attire I came with, it was a maid outfit.

My footwear is sandals.

Let alone a dungeon, it can’t be said that it’s suitable for walking outside.

Then why did I come here like this?


“I don’t have other clothes, you know.”


I only have two clothes. The rags I wore when I was in the orphanage and my maid outfit.

I have no other choice.


“…I see.”




When I sleep, I always enter my [Hideout], and other than that, I’m always dressed like this, so I didn’t really need to buy clothes, but should I buy one?

Even in my previous life, I spent a fair amount of money on suits, but I chose my casual clothes at places like Uniqlo, so I’m not picky about clothes.


I wonder if there are tracksuits in this world~…?







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