Gather Divine Coins and Gacha! – Chapter 016

Chapter 016


Oh… so this place is…”


2nd basement floor of the Adventurer’s Guild.

I’m in front of the dungeon entrance there.

Probably around 5 meters wide and 3 meters high.

I found it surprisingly small.

I wonder what kind of material was used?

It’s like stone, but probably not.

It’s connected to the back, and the dungeon may be made of the same thing.


Yesterday, after hearing about going to the dungeon, I tried to do some research.

I tried, but…

I got permission to go digging around in the archives, but I’m aware that I’m still ignorant of the common sense of this world, but is it because my knowledge isn’t catching up with it, or is it just esoteric…?


One of the few things I’ve learned is that monsters appear in dungeons and you can get relics and divine coins from them.

In the dungeon of this Zerkis capital, monster species such as goblins and kobolds appear.

That’s all.


…I said I understood, but in fact, I don’t really understand.

Even the monsters that were written down are only those found on the shallow floors.


There were other digits written on it, but I didn’t know what to compare them with so I gave up.

It felt like the information is being restricted, is there a reason for that?


“Alright. Let’s go!”




I answered and followed Alex from behind.


Luckily I have a guardian.

Let’s experience what I can’t even understand firsthand.




After advancing inside the dungeon for a while.


It is wider than the entrance inside.

The floor, walls, and ceiling are made of something like stone, just like the one found in the entrance.

However, it is not a matter of laying it out or putting it together, but rather a single seamless piece of something.

It’s strange that the whole passage is vaguely bright even though there’s no lighting.

At least it doesn’t seem to appear through manpower.


“Some should appear soon. Stand back and watch.”


After saying that, Alex quickened his footsteps.


“It’s here! It’s a goblin.”


Two small creatures standing on two legs appeared in front of us.


Oh… this is…




And as soon as they appeared, both of their bodies were crushed.






His actual name is Alexio.

A large man with a mace on his right hand and a [Red Shield] on his left hand.


He was said to be born in one of the small countries in the west as the third son of a merchant family.

His name comes from the country’s famous general.

Although he received a decent education, he was raised relatively freely as he was the third son and did not have the right to inherit his family.

Perhaps because of his name, he aspired to become a knight, learned the sword, spear, and horseback riding, and becomes a member of the bodyguards of his family’s merchant caravan at the age of 14. After another year, he became a mercenary to seek further achievements.


After going through several conflicts and becoming a bodyguard many times, and also because he received a proper education, he got more jobs mainly for nobles and big merchants and gained a decent amount of fame and income.


And since three years ago, he contracted with Seliana and has been working as her bodyguard and adventurer.


That’s what I heard about him, but… gosh.


First of all, he’s tall.

Maybe about 190cm or more.

Weighs around 100kg or maybe more.


Not that of a baseball player’s.

Not even that of a rugby player’s.

Maybe the closest is that of a swimmer’s?

I found it hard to think of a profession with a similar body type, but that’s right.

On Earth, you don’t train your body to do things like crushing living creatures with each hand holding a fairly heavy object.


Now that I think about it, the party that collects divine coins also send the wolves that attacked them flying using their spear.

…so scary~.


After that, we encountered monsters several times, but most of them were quickly defeated by Alex.

Even the monsters and battles that I saw up close for the first time were all taken away by the impact.


There’s the fact that Gobugobus isn’t that strong, but more than that, Alex is very strong.

Is he a monster?


That said, thanks to that, I was able to calmly watch.


It made me think I could do it too.


As I was thinking about that, Alex spoke to me.


“What do you think? Only one or two would appear in shallow floors, so if I hold them down, can you fight?”







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