Gather Divine Coins and Gacha! – Chapter 015

Chapter 015


There is mana in this world.


Well, since there is magic, it’s not strange, but its existence has been confirmed.

Also, mana is also subdivided and called magic essence, which floats in the atmosphere, and it seems to be particularly dense in places where living things are densely populated, such as deep in forests and mountains, dungeons, and cities with large populations.

It takes some time and effort, but its usage is also established.

One of its uses is as a source of energy in a home, such as fire, water, air conditioning, lighting, etc., it’s like using gas and electricity.

A solar panel-like thing is attached to the roof, wires are connected and stretched around the inside, and lighting is connected to it, but that system is expensive and is only used by the wealthy, including the nobility.


This mansion that I’m in is the mansion of the Müller Earl Household, the lord of Zerkis.

It’s one of the richest mansions in the territory.

That system is of course installed.


And there are other problems besides price.

The floors and walls are fine, but the ceiling is also difficult to maintain because the wires are stretched all over.

In this world, crane trucks and aerial work platforms used for construction do not exist.

Work is done manually using ladders and stepladders.


It’s dangerous.

And also requires manpower.

It takes time as well.


So, there’s where I come in.


I gained achievements just by doing a little work while floating around while sitting on the [Floating Orb].


“You’ve become quite used to us huh…”


Elena came when I was having tea in the servant’s waiting room to thank me for my great success.


She is the daughter of a knight of the territory or something, so she should be a noble.

And basically, this is a place where only servants come.

Not the kind of place she would go to.

Everyone inside the room had stiff faces, even though they weren’t doing anything wrong.


I should speak first.


“What? Snacks?”


“No…I was looking for you. Come to Ojou-sama’s room after you’ve finished eating.”


Curious. What could it be?






When I went to Seliana’s room, Elena and Alex were also waiting there.

There I was suddenly told something about dungeons.


“Yes. It’s in the adventurer’s guild in the western district. Did you know?”


“I knew there was an adventurer’s guild there, but I didn’t know there was a dungeon…”


In the western district of this city, there are facilities for adventurers and mercenaries such as the adventurer’s guild, equipment store, and tools store.

Elena and Alex are bodyguards, but I heard that they are also registered as adventurers and sometimes go to dungeons, but I didn’t know that dungeons are found inside cities…


“To be exact, it’s in the underground of the guild. Now that the two of them have become able to use the bestowed items to some extent, they are going to the dungeon to test its usability in actual combat. Would you like to go as well? You want to become an adventurer. You did say something like that, right?”


This big sister surprisingly remembers what other people are saying…

One of my original plans was to go to a big city and make a living as an adventurer.

My current life isn’t bad, but since I’m in a fantasy world, it would be a lie if I said I wasn’t interested.

I’m also not going alone, but with party members who are skilled.


How appealing.

It’s appealing, but…


“But I’m 8 years old, is that okay? Didn’t you say it starts at 14 years old?”


“Oh? So you remembered? But it’s alright. Dungeons are owned by the lords of the territory. The guild only represents us in management, so rest assured. Of course, it would be troublesome if people died inside, so permission will not be given to those who look unreliable, but…”


She paused and looked at me.

Specifically, at the [Floating Orb] I was sitting on.


“With that on you, you won’t be in any danger, right? The two of them are also only testing on shallow floors, so there shouldn’t be any danger. It’s a good opportunity, so go.”




What do shallow floors mean…?


I didn’t look into it at all because I thought it was still in the future, but it’s a great opportunity.

Let me take your word for it!






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