Gather Divine Coins and Gacha! – Chapter 014

Chapter 014


Well, I don’t really understand, but the shape of the item has changed.

[Floating Orb] was also only a heavy sphere at first, so maybe by doing that, it will be able to demonstrate its effect.


Okay, that’s fine, but what are they doing right now?


Seliana gave the two of them the items, but they were kneeling like how they draw the gacha.

If it’s just handing it over, it might be fine, but they’re touching each other’s items while putting their free hands together.


Is it some kind of ceremony…?


I watched them while thinking of that, but the mysterious ritual? seems to have ended quickly.

Elena and Alex took the items in their hands and changed their shape.


“Is there anything you want to ask?”


Seliana came to me, perhaps noticing that I had been staring intently.


“What were you doing just now?”


“Well… lend me that ring of yours.”




Due to the matter of the divine coins earlier, I unintentionally put my hand behind my back and stepped back.


“I won’t take it. I’ll only use it for explanation, so lend it to me.”


I took it off my finger and handed it over, thinking it should be fine then.




As soon as she said that, she put it on her finger on her left hand, but nothing happened.

She showed me her hand, but it was a little too big, and her nails were still pink.




[Shadow Sword] adjusts the size when it is worn on the finger, and the nail is dyed black.

I thought so, but was that wrong?


“That’s strange?” When I was watching while thinking that, she took off the ring, took my hand and put the ring on me.

As usual, the ring was sized to fit my finger and my nail was dyed black.

When I tried to extend my nail, they grew properly.




Does it have an owner restriction as well?


“Understood? Only the person who released the bestowed item first can use it.”


After saying that, she removes the ring from my hand and puts it back on herself, but nothing happens.

See? She looked towards me as if to say so.


“However, there are exceptions. It’s the granting ceremony. The person who released the bestowed item can give the right to use it to others. By doing so, multiple people will be able to use one bestowed item.”


Bestowed items are what the items are called, and the release is when it changed the item, right?

I see… I guess that’s why they said it was a hit although they won’t be able to use it at the time of their gacha.

If someone other than yourself can use the item, then you can also use it as a reward.

I wonder if that’s a part of the reason why they don’t get along with the church that collects divine coins?


By the way, can you give me back my ring…?




“Sera-chan, can you help me a little?”


As I floated around the mansion, I was stopped by the head maid, Hannah-san.


Mm? Okay~.”


I refrained from using the [Floating Orb] indoors because something like a vehicle, but… the mansion is too big.

I’m using a servant’s room in a separate building, but it’s very hard for my body to come and go.

So I got permission to use it inside the mansion.


A few days have passed since the day we drew the gacha, but Elena and Alex are busy in the training ground in order to master the items they got, and Seliana sometimes mixed in with them as well.


I can’t use items, and there are swords and spears in the training ground, but they’re too heavy to use.

In the first place, it is dangerous and disturbing if there are children when they are training, so I was left to myself to spend my time in the mansion appropriately.


I’ve finished exploring and there’s a library, but I can’t get in because the books are valuables, so I started helping the servants because I had nothing else to do.


Although I look like a maid, I was told that I don’t necessarily need to work.

However, if a child who was suddenly picked up like me is given a private room even though she doesn’t work, and does as she pleases, some people might get annoyed with me despite being Ojou-sama’s exclusive servant.


That’s why I try to help with simple tasks.

Specifically, chores at high places.

There is no problem because I can ride the [Floating Orb].







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