Gather Divine Coins and Gacha! – Chapter 013

Chapter 013


Before I knew it, the 10 divine coins in Elena’s palm had disappeared, and instead, Elena was glowing faintly.

It’s not that strong, but it’s pretty noticeable.

I was lucky I didn’t get caught when I first did it in the orphanage.


After a few seconds of that state, the light gradually weakened, and then something floating appeared on the palm of her hand.

It’s about 60 cm long and 30 cm wide, so it’s pretty big.

“What is it?”, I thought, and the light disappeared and I could finally clearly see what it was.


What is that…?

A red board?

While I was thinking about that, Elena held it still floating and placed it on the floor.


…ah, so it doesn’t weigh much when it’s floating.

I didn’t know that, so I watched the [Floating Orb] and [Magic Steel] until they fell.

I see now~…


Elena picks it up again after the light has completely disappeared.


“A shield… I wonder? Well, you got a hit”


“It’s called [Red Shield]. It’s not for me, but well, it’s not bad.”


Elena smiles, and Seliana looks happy as well.


Will Elena use a shield?

I-I don’t know.


“We’re making a good start. Alex, it’s your turn next.”


Leaving me dumbfounded, next was Alex, just like Elena earlier, he kneels facing the goddess statue and holding up the divine coins.

It’s a little surreal and funny when a rough-looking big brother is doing that pose.

I wonder if he’s going to shine… I have to try not to laugh.


However, he did shine, but it was only for a moment.

And what appeared was small.

Something about the size of my fist is floating.


“[Magic Crystal] huh… alchemy material. It’s a miss.”


He grabbed it with one hand while it was floating in the air, and said so with a slightly disappointed look.


[Magic Crystal]… is it a companion of [Magic Steel]?

He said that it was an alchemy material, so I wonder if [Magic Steel] is also a kind of material?

And it’s actually a miss…


“Is that so? Well, that’s fine. It’s my turn next.”


As soon as she said that, this time Seliana stepped in front of the goddess statue.

Will this bossy girl pose like that too?

It won’t look good on her, I thought, but…she just stood up and held out one hand in front of the goddess statue.


I can’t speak for others, but I can’t feel any respect coming from her.


Well, even with such a crude prayer, the goddess seems to respond properly, and Seliana is emitting light.

Different from Alex, and she’s closer to Elena’s way of shining, could it be that it’s different depending on the object that appears?

After a while, the light subsided and I could see what had appeared.

It’s something like a green cone-shaped object about 40 centimeters long.


…what is that? A stake?


“[Green Fang]. It seems to be a weapon, but… what kind?”


Ah, she doesn’t even know herself.


The three draws ended with that, but there are a lot of things I don’t understand.

When I do it by myself, of course, I don’t even understand when seeing others doing it.


How peculiar~.


I don’t know if I can wrap it up with just the word peculiar, but that is my impression.




After finishing the gacha, everyone gathered in Seliana’s room.


Gacha items are placed on the table in front of us.

I thought that we would definitely check how to use it at the training ground and practice, but is that not the case?


“[Green Fang]. Elena, you should use this. In return, hand that shield over to Alex. I will take the [Magic Crystal].”


Seliana said and put her hands on [Green Fang] and [Red Shield].

Did she do something? The two items shone for a moment and their shape changed.

[Green Fang] became a small, beautiful knife with a green blade of about 20 cm.

The size of the [Red Shield] didn’t change, but the red board turned into a bright red and cool shield that looked like something out of a manga or game.




I was also surprised by the [Shadow Sword] I put on the finger of my right hand, but this fantasy feeling is really irresistible.

Honestly, how does it work?







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