Gather Divine Coins and Gacha! – Chapter 010

Chapter 010


“Don’t try doing anything funny!”


This is what I got as soon as I left my [Hideout].


The rough-looking big brother stood in front of me, and slightly behind him, the brown-haired big sister draws her sword and points it in my direction, how vigilant.

Even though I look weak, they’re not letting their guard down.


Well, I’ve never myself come out of [Hideout], so I don’t know what it’s like, but if someone appeared out of nowhere, I guess anyone would be suspicious?

But having a sword pointed at me terrifies me.

Is this the so-called murderous intent?


“Back off, both of you.”


The blondie stared at me intently after letting the two back off.

Furthermore, she casually talks to me despite the atmosphere being relatively tense.


“You don’t intend to be hostile, do you? Come with me.”


As soon as she said that, she quickly turned back without waiting for my reaction.




No… I don’t mean to be hostile, for sure.

But couldn’t there be more like, uhh… something? What’s wrong with that girl?


Oh… well, we won’t treat you badly. Let’s go?”


When I was thinking “What should I do…?”, the rough-looking big brother called out to me, knowing that I was confused.

The big sister behind him is no longer acting cautiously even though she was on guard until a while ago.

Do they trust that blondie that much?

I don’t know for sure, but it looks like things are going smoothly, so I might’ve hit the jackpot.




The destination I arrived at after following was the blondie’s room in the mansion.

I wondered where she was going because we were wandering around in a strange way. But we didn’t meet the soldiers outside, let alone the servants inside, so maybe we were avoiding them?

Amazing! This girl.


“So, you’re a child from an orphanage, right? Which city are you from?”


That’s what I was asked as soon as I entered the room.

I think there are some suspicious things, such as hiding in the middle of nowhere or floating on a strange orb, but…

Well, okay.

Let me try and explain.


The explanation isn’t that big of a deal.

My name and age, and how I hid in a church carriage using my [Hideout] and came all the way here.

That’s all.


Come to think of it, I didn’t know the name of the city and I didn’t even know the name of this country.

It’s not unreasonable because people don’t bother to call the city they live in by its name.


The name of the country is the Kingdom of Mesaria, this territory is called Zelkis, and the territory capital is also called Zelkis.

And I was told that the city I grew up in is probably called the City of Lutor.


“A blessing possessor… then your divine coin must have been a hit. So, what are you going to do now?”


Maybe she was convinced after listening to my story, she asked me about my future.

It would be a problem to hide in the garden forever, so that’s understandable.


“I’m thinking of becoming an adventurer.”


Or a thief…

I’m curious about the blessing possessor and divine coin hit, but I should answer properly first.


“You can’t. You can only become one starting from the age of 14.”


A shocking reveal!?

Huh? Is the life of a thief already confirmed for me?


“By the way, there was a commotion at the church around the same time you came to this city. How peculiar, isn’t it? Those guys, despite taking distance from us usually, they even requested help from the city guard. I wonder what happened?”


She ignores me who is shocked and continues talking.

What she’s saying is… well, yeah.

It’s my fault.

And just as I thought, it seems that they don’t get along with the church very well.


“Ahaha…,” I didn’t know what to say, so she continued.


“I can imagine what happened. It’s you, right? So? How many have you stolen and how many are left?”


This big sister is sharp, she’s found out already.


“There are 38 in total. There are 8 remaining.”


“Is that so? It seems that there were really no jackpots. Also, stop speaking in that polite way, it doesn’t suit you.”


Ahh, that helps.

I don’t really understand because I wasn’t taught how to talk to big shots.

When I was relieved, she continued without a break.


“Give me the remaining eight coins, by doing so, I won’t do you any harm.”


She said something outrageous, this big sister…







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