Gather Divine Coins and Gacha! – Chapter 009

Chapter 009


“Alex, Elena, have you noticed?”


The two who were standing next to me looked at each other at my sudden words.


“…what do you mean?”


“Since midnight the day before yesterday, there’s someone wandering around the garden.”


I said so after approaching the window and looking down at the garden.




They are only bodyguards, and they are not in charge of guarding the mansion.

However, even so, they still keep in touch with the soldiers and get information about suspicious people in the capital as well as guests at the mansion.

The invasion happened the day before yesterday.

However, no reports have been filed.

Even though there are dogs patrolling the garden, there is no disturbance.

It’s not worth it to just invade and do nothing, and it’s hard to imagine but…

If that person was plotting an assassination or kidnapping, our situation is extremely dangerous.

However, that doesn’t seem to be the case.


“Is that person a human, not a monster?”


On rare occasions, flying monsters would invade the city.

There is none in this city, but there are times when monsters that came out of dungeons are lurking in other cities…


“Yes, it’s a human. Let’s go take a look.”


Declaring so, I left the room to head outside, and the two of them followed me.




『I know you are lurking there. Hurry up and come out.』




Yesterday and the day before yesterday, I grasped the general layout and security situation, and when I was writing that information on a map, I couldn’t help but scream at the voice that suddenly echoed in the [Hideout].


“What’s happening, what’s happening, what’s happening!?”


Naturally, I looked around the [Hideout], but there was no one there.

When I turned on the monitor to see what was going on outside, I saw three people.


One was a tall, black-haired man in his mid-twenties.

He’s not even armed, but he looks much stronger than all of the adventurers I’ve seen.

I feel that his atmosphere is similar to the soldiers of the party that collects divine coins.

They were really strong…


Well, I’m an amateur and I don’t know much about strength, but…


The second person is a tall, slender, brown-haired woman around 20.

What is this person? She’s wielding her sword, so she might be able to fight, but I’m not sure.

She has a straight back and at the very least, she doesn’t look weak.


The third person is maybe around 15-16 years old?

She is a blond girl with a pompous air, dressed in expensive clothes, seemingly served by the previous two.

I believe she is the daughter of this house.

I saw her get out of the carriage yesterday.

Is she actually the daughter of the lord here? No wonder she looks important.


In any case, I’m hiding in my [Hideout] on the outskirts of the mansion where people probably won’t come, but she went her way to come all the way here.


『I know you’ve been wandering around the garden since last night.』


This, I’m completely exposed…


By the way, how does this sound work anyway?

Of course, when I was watching the situation outside through the monitor, I could hear the voice, but when I turned off the switch, I couldn’t hear the voice.


Is it like an intercom or something?

Like, if someone calls out in front of the door, I could hear it…?




『You there, just give up and come out』


Well, that’s what happened, so today.

After calling out to me yesterday, this girl quickly returned to her mansion, but the other two took turns keeping watch.

It’s getting colder, but they did that all night.

Because of that, I failed to escape.

I got sleepy in the middle and went to sleep, but when I woke up and checked during breakfast, they were keeping watch, so I think that’s what they did.


Today as well, she only brought two people with her today, and didn’t bring any soldiers with her.

Well, it’s possible that the two of them have enough skill to make up for the numbers, but rather… would that be the case…?


I’m starting to get a little uneasy, but there’s nothing I can do about sticking around like this.

I put the [Shadow Sword] on my finger and was ready to sit on the [Floating Orb].

I won’t let my guard down for the time being, but I should just think positively that it’s a chance to have a connection with the VIP here.


“Alright! Let’s go!”


I cheered myself up and stepped out of the room.







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