Gather Divine Coins and Gacha! – Chapter 008

Chapter 008


After drifting in the night sky for a while, I got far away from the church I was hiding in.


The church stands out a lot, probably because the surrounding buildings are at most three stories high.

Is it called a chapel? With a height of about 10 stories, the building adjacent to the same plot of land is also huge.

As I can see from a distance, there is a Y-shaped object attached to the tip of its roof.

I also saw it in the orphanage, so maybe it’s a symbol like the cross.


One thing that bothers me a little is that even though it’s huge, it’s on the outskirts of the city.

I thought that churches are found in the center of the city, but…

Are they on bad terms with lords, or is it just this city…

It might be a good idea to check it out if I have the chance.


This city though.

It’s pretty big.

It’s not a square, so I don’t know exactly how big, but at first glance it looks like it has 2 kilometers square.

And walls surround the city.

It is a sight that I have never seen before in Japan.


I can see the lights in the center of the city.

There are people here and there, but is that area a downtown area or something?

I’m a little curious about it, but I might get noticed, so I decided not to check it out.


In that case…


Located on the opposite side of the church, there is a corner surrounded by walls even though it is in the middle of the city.

Everywhere else is fairly dense, but all the houses found there are big and have wide gardens.

It’s a mansion rather than a house.

I’ve seen this saying somewhere, about rich people’s houses being bigger sideways, not higher.

It’s exactly that.

There are soldiers patrolling the streets with lights, so it feels very important.


Let’s go over there.


I mean, [Floating Orb] is amazing!


I couldn’t help but raise the altitude because I can go smoothly, but now I’m about 30 meters or higher…

It’s about ten stories high, isn’t it? This height.

The speed is about the same as the moped bike.

I feel like I can go higher and faster, but… I refrain from doing so.

I think I can, but if I fall, I will die.


I was a little scared by the potential of [Floating Orb], which exceeded my expectations, and reached the sky above that area within a few minutes.


There was a soldier on top of the wall, and I was a little nervous when I crossed over it, but luckily they did not find me because they weren’t looking up.

Or rather, he wasn’t wary of the above at all.

Not only on the wall, but also on the soldiers in the city as well.

Maybe there are no humans flying in the sky.

No, I mean, that’s normal, but…


Does this mean I can become a great phantom thief…?


Now then, when I looked around taking advantage of the unwariness towards the sky, I discovered a remarkably large mansion in the corner where these huge mansions were lined up.


It is located at the end of the main street and is surrounded by a high wall.

There are soldiers guarding not only in front of the gate, but also behind it.

And it’s not just outside.

People with lights are patrolling the garden and the mansion.

Discovery may have been a bit of an understatement.

It’s really standing out.


This strict security… is it the lord’s mansion?




The lord’s mansion was huge.

Probably about the size of an elementary school? Including the schoolyard, of course.


First of all, the mansion itself is large, but other than that, is it for guests? Several buildings have been built to serve guests.

In addition, there is a warehouse-like building, a soldier’s station, a training ground, and a servant’s residence.

There’s a small building that has a Y on the roof, so there’s also something like a place of worship.

There are also many other places that I do not know much about…

And day and night, guards and dogs patrol the garden and outside the mansion in tandem.


However, neither the dogs nor the soldiers could see through the [Hideout].

Maybe it’s also because I was on the [Floating Orb], so I didn’t leave any traces, including footprints, but I wasn’t noticed at all when I sneaked around the grounds at night.

I would be exposed if I go too far and if someone saw me, so I was very careful about that so there was no problem.


I don’t think there should have been any problem…


『You there, just give up and come out.』


Over the monitor, I can hear the voice of an important-looking 15-16-year-old big sister that I continued to hear since yesterday.







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