Gather Divine Coins and Gacha! – Chapter 004

Chapter 004


Hello from inside [Hideaway].


It’s been 10 days since I hid in the carriage and left the city where I was.

The day after I left the orphanage and hid in the carriage stop, someone from the church came and left on the same day.

They said that the weather is a bit dubious, so it’s better to hurry up even if it’s a little unreasonable…


How dangerous.


In the last 10 days, we passed 5 villages and 2 cities, and there was 1 bandit raid and 4 monster raids.

Both were small in scale, but if I had walked alone by myself, I would have definitely died.


How dangerous.


I watched the battles while lying down on the sofa in the living room.


Well, it was amazing.


Swinging swords and spears around to mow down enemies is amazing, but most of all, it’s magic.

I didn’t notice him because he was dressed lightly like he was a normal adventurer, not wearing a robe and pointed hat or anything else, but there was one attack magic user in this party.


He shoots a ball of light that explodes when it hits an opponent.

It felt a little faster than the ball in the batting center, so maybe 130-140km/h?

Although that by itself couldn’t defeat the enemy, it certainly did damage to the opponent and created a big flaw.


It should have been a pretty grotesque video, but I was so moved that I watched it over and over again.


One of the reasons why I chose this room in my previous life was the enhanced security facilities.

Security cameras are installed not only at the entrance of the room, but also at the entrance hall and parking lot, and it is possible to see the monitoring using the tv or the pc screen. It is also possible to record videos.

Well, at most I used it to check when I called a taxi, so I didn’t have a lot of opportunities to use it, but it is useful now.


Well, I enjoyed it.


With that said, this group.


It seems that they are one of the church’s many divine coin collection party who was in charge of the area including the city where I was in. 

So, they finished the collection of divine coins and headed to the territory capital, but I observed the places while passing through cities on the way, but it seemed that all of them were places where it would be quite difficult for a child to live alone, probably because there were orphanages.

In case of emergency, it is possible for me to live a thief life by making full use of my [Hideout], but if it can be avoided, it is better to avoid doing so.

The territory capital is probably the largest city in this territory, so it should be easier to blend in there than in other cities.

I eavesdropped on their conversation, and they said they would arrive before the sun went down. So I decided to get off at the time when we arrived at the church.


I was thinking about that while sorting out the contents of the chest.




A church located a little further from the center of the city beyond the huge city wall.

Now I’m hiding in the carriage stop there using [Hideaway] as usual.

This is unbelievably convenient~.


After arriving at the church and finishing unloading the carriage, I succeeded in getting out of the carriage when there were no more people, but there were too many people.

In addition to that, for some reason the divine coin collected by the returning party was not found, causing a big fuss.


The currency of this country is copper coin, large copper coin, silver coin, large silver coin, and a gold coin, each increasing in increments of ten.

I also heard that there seems to be a large gold coin above gold coins, but it’s something merchants use for transactions, not something commonly used.

1 copper coin is about 10 yen in Japanese yen, and 1 divine coin is 20 gold coins.


A total of 38 pieces were recovered by this party.

About 76 million yen in Japanese yen.

If you live in a rural area, you can buy a nice little house with the land.


I’m a little suspicious of the value of the holy money.

Because, honestly, 20 gold coins for my [Hideaway] is too cheap.

Maybe it’s capped for some reason and the actual value is much higher.

When I think about it like that, I can understand the commotion outside.


The divine coins that should have disappeared from the carriage are piled up on the table in front of me, along with a 30 cm tall goddess statue that was also in the box.


“I may have wronged them..”


Thinking that I could do it, I left the [Hideaway] just before we arrived at the church, and inadvertently took away the box containing the divine coins.

It was thanks to them that I was able to reach this city safely, so it’s a little heartbreaking, but it can’t be helped.

They should give up thinking that they had run into a fire dragon.

By the way, the saying “run into a fire dragon~” is an adventurer’s term, and it’s a word used when encountering an unexpected misfortune.

I was thinking of using it someday, so my wish finally came true.


Come to think of it, I saw a lot of adventurer-like figures from the time I entered the city to the time I got here.

Fufufu, maybe I should aim to become an adventurer after I leave here!







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