Gather Divine Coins and Gacha! – Chapter 003

Chapter 003


Ten days after that.

During that time, I tried various things and found out something.


First of all, roughly about the [Hideout].


I can enter it by visualizing opening a door on a flat place such as a wall or floor.

The reason I was able to activate it at first was because I was lying down facing the wall and thinking about opening a door.

Considering that there is no such thing as thinking like that in my everyday life, I was lucky.


The size of the door is about 2 meters long and 1 meter wide, and I can put things in it by entering the door with it.

I stored water and checked how it decreased, but it was roughly the same way as outside.

I can’t just throw everything inside, but it’s a perfect place to store things.


Getting out of the room is easy.

Just walk out the door.


And about the contents of the room.


The old furniture I have used in the past was as it was.

Not only tables, sofas, beds, etc., but also home appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, and computers were all there.

On top of that, I don’t know where it’s coming from, but I could use water and electricity.

It wasn’t connected to the internet, but it’s okay, maybe that’s too much to ask.


While there was furniture, there was unfortunately nothing inside.

Books, clothes, bedding, and miscellaneous goods.

Even if I could go to the BIOS screen on my computer, there was no OS in it.

If I need to choose some of its merits, it would be the one-person pot and frying pan that came with the room as a service because it was all electric.

It is subtly helpful.


Although it was an unexpected situation, my escape was now in sight.

Tomorrow is the day to clean the carriage stop.

It’s the right time and the waves are waiting for me!




It is near the end of the second month of autumn.


In this world, there are three months each for spring, summer, autumn, and winter, and the first month of spring is the beginning of the year.

In an orphanage, when the first month of winter comes, children seven years old are assigned a room until the third month of the winter in the next year.

It’s probably to ensure that they could collect the divine coins since there are many children whose birthdays they don’t know exactly.


And more people will come from the church to collect those divine coins.

I don’t know the exact schedule, but I’m always ordered to clean the carriage stops two or three days before.

So it’s pretty predictable.


I’ve got most of what I need, and the only thing left to do is…




While cleaning, I was thinking about this and that when I was interrupted by the director’s yelling.


“What is it?”

“Do you know where’s my book!?”

“Book? Is it the one that the director always carries?”

“No! The books in my room, don’t you know!?”

“Nah, I don’t know.”

“I see… let me know as soon as you find it. Damn, did you show up here as well when we are so busy…”


After saying that, he returned to the facility.


Only a few people, including myself, can enter the director’s room.

I thought I could pack a little more, but all the missing books were the size of a picture book.

Let alone one or two books, dozens of books can’t be taken away by children.

He probably thought it was the work of a thief who had been appearing in the city for the past few days.


Well, to be honest, it’s me.




In escaping, I couldn’t just stay in this city, so I had to go somewhere else, but there was a problem with transportation.


I know that it takes about half a day to walk west along the highway to the neighboring village, but I don’t know what kind of road it actually is or if it’s safe.

I’ve never been out of the city.

That’s why I decided to use [Hideaway] to sneak inside the carriage of the church that was coming for the collection this time.

It’s not difficult if I hide in the carriage stop in advance.

And then go out of the city as is.


I don’t know about the security and economy of other cities, but at least I can see my future even if stay here, so it’s worth the challenge.

Other than that, there are plenty of reasons to run away from the orphanage.

There are a few children every year who escapes, so it’s enough if I complain in front of some children.


The people from the church should be arriving within a few days, and my preparations are sufficient.

Strike while the iron is hot. Let’s do it today.







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