Gather Divine Coins and Gacha! – Chapter 002

Chapter 002






While sighing, the moment I raised the divine coin, a drum roll suddenly started to sound.

And the reel is spinning with tremendous force.


In front of me was the director’s desk, and behind it was a statue of a goddess or something and a wall.

I reluctantly rubbed both eyes, but nothing changed.


All I know is that the reels are spinning.


“…is it inside my head?”


I don’t know what it is, but I felt like I hear it inside my head.




After finishing the cleaning quickly, I usually read a book, but it’s not the time for that.

Before I knew it, the divine coin I had in my hand had disappeared.

Thinking that I might have dropped it by surprise, I looked around the room, but I couldn’t find it…




And this drum roll.

It’s annoying and I want it to stop, but there’s no lever pull or button to press.

How could I stop it…?


I think that the fact that the divine coin disappeared and this phenomenon happened is probably something like a gacha that consumes the divine coin occurred. 

If not, I would be in a pickle.




For the time being, I tried to shout with enthusiasm.




Perhaps because of my enthusiasm, the rotation gradually slowed down, and finally stopped.

Pampaka, fanfare is ringing, and I’m sure something good will come out.




Characters popped up in my head.


The content is [Hideout]




There is magic in this world.


In the past, I was sent to help out at a hospital-like place called a church treatment center.

When I was cleaning and doing laundry there, I saw a wounded man who was brought there, and the priest who was holding up his cane above chanted something, and the man’s wounds gradually closed.

It’s called divine magic, but the point is, it’s healing magic.


Of course, since there is healing magic, there is also attacking magic.

Whatever it is, the effect is different, but the point of using mana is the same, and the basics seem to be the same.


And while there are people who can use it from birth, there are also people who acquire it later in life.


It went up.


My excitement.


It’s already more than when I learned about the existence of adventurers and monsters.


Since then, I’ve been secretly practicing “Ha~~~!” and “~Dain!” but maybe because I didn’t have the talent, or maybe something was wrong, but nothing happened, so I gave up.


However, the presence of the divine coin that I suddenly had in my hand made me have that feeling once again, but…




It’s real estate.

I was certainly thinking about wanting it, but it would be a problem if I suddenly got my hands on it, and I don’t even know where it is in the first place.


After that, I was stunned by the situation, and before I knew it, it was night.

I was lying in the corner of my reserved space in the large room where I always sleep.


There is no light, and even if there is a window, it is a new moon tonight.

It’s pitch black as if to represent my current mood.


Regardless of whether it works or not, I still enjoyed imagining a bright future, but it’s impossible.


Goodbye, lovely future.

Opening the door awaits a life of darkness.


Perhaps because I was thinking of such a silly phrase, I felt like I could see something like a door even though it was pitch black, so I decided to open it…




Instead of sitting on the cold wooden floor, I was sitting on the cold but slippery tiles.


“This place…⁉”


Where I am right now.


It wasn’t the orphanage, it wasn’t my parental home I lived in my previous life, it wasn’t the studio room I had when I was a university student, it wasn’t the dormitory for singles when I was a new employee, it wasn’t the room I moved to several times after that, it wasn’t the detached house that doubled as my office when I became independent.  It is the entrance of the last 1LDK residence I chose for convenience, with an office set up separately.


I lived there for many years. Even if the lights weren’t on, there’s no way I could have misunderstood what the room looked like from here.


Eh…what? Is this what Hideout means?








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