Gather Divine Coins and Gacha! – Chapter 053

Chapter 053 


Well, it seems that Sera’s treatment will still take some time, so what should I do?

There are no signs of monsters around, and a second Majin probably won’t appear.

Either wait until she wakes up, or return.


“Alexio, Marida, you guys should protect the two here. Mia, can you move now? Let’s deal with the monsters Sera defeated. If she wakes up after that, then good. If not, let’s carry her back.”


While I was wondering what to do, Ruban decided what to do.

The speed of his decision.

As expected from someone who has a renowned nickname.


“Alright. I’ll leave that to you.”


After hearing my reply, the two ran to the place where Sera was fighting.

Looking at how she is, Mia’s wounds shouldn’t be a problem.


I recalled the fight with the Majin until a while ago.


Both its stamina and physical strength are comparable to those of the advanced humanoid monster species, and it’s even dressed in strong equipment and possesses expert skills.

Even so, we managed to find a pattern, created an opening by letting me be a decoy, crushed the ground under its feet with Ruban’s magic, and succeeded in making it kneel on the ground with the activation of Mia’s blessing.


However, from there, Mia, who aimed to finish it off, was counterattacked, and on the contrary, we were gradually cornered without a decisive move.


We never thought that its upper body could be twisted 180 degrees.

We can’t say we’re careless, but it was naive for us to think that it was the same creature as monsters.

Of course, if we could recover, we could still fight, but considering Sera’s current situation, the [Prayer] might have run out early and we would’ve eventually collapsed.

We didn’t take her stamina into consideration.

We should have let her withdraw from the beginning and ask the guild for help.


“…xio, Alexio!”


Hmm? Y-Yeah… what happened?”


Before I knew it, Marida was nearby.

It’s fine for me to reflect, but I shouldn’t be distracted and neglect the vigilance of my surroundings.

It seems that I am still not calm because I made a mistake that I would not normally do.


“Keira is looking after her, so she should be fine. More importantly, this.”


When I looked behind her, I saw the shield and club used by the Majin.

Its self and armor disappeared, but these two remained.

Considering that it didn’t leave a single scratch even after repelling Mia’s blow and Ruban’s magic, it was probably made of high-purity magic steel.


The club is shaped like an upside-down triangular pyramid with a hand guard and is about 1 meter long.

It’s also heavy, so it seems like it can be used both against humans and against monsters.

The shield is a large shield that is as tall as a child, like the one equipped by heavy soldiers of the Empire.

It didn’t feel that strange for a Majin with a huge stature to hold it, but when I look at it again, it’s big.


“Your mace, Mia broke it, so why don’t you take it?”


“It’s also made of magic steel alloy… so I didn’t think it would break. Well, this is also proof of Majin subjugation, so we should submit it to the guild.”


Since I focused on my shield and didn’t use it, I gave my mace with emphasis on striking power, but when it collided with this club, it didn’t break, but it bent.

“You must be kidding me”, I thought during the battle and couldn’t help but be a little stunned.


“Majin huh. The three of you have participated in the subjugation team before, but this was my first time. I didn’t expect it to be like that…”


“It was much stronger than the one we fought before. Is it because it’s from the royal capital dungeon?”


Keira answered Marida’s voice.

Is she done with the treatment?


“It’s over. She doesn’t have any more injuries, but I don’t think she’ll wake up soon, so let’s just let her sleep.”


Did she understand with my look? She told me about Sera’s.


“I see. Then how should we carry her? The [Floating Orb] is also fairly heavy… huh?”


I sensed that the two people who went to deal with monsters were approaching.

They’re holding something big. Is it a relic?


“We’ve cleaned it up. At your side… she still hasn’t woken up huh.”


“Yeah. By the way, is that a Big Elk’s horn?”


I couldn’t tell from a distance, but when I looked closer, it looked like some kind of horn.

Among the monsters on this floor, only the Big Elk can drop such things.

If so, the purpose of this dungeon delve has been achieved.


“She really helped us a lot… now then, what should we do? Right now there are no monsters so I want to start moving. Are you fine with that”


“Yeah. I’ll carry the relics of the Majin. I’ll be able to carry the shield on my back. But what about Sera? There’s also her [Floating Orb], so it requires two people.”


“Well. Keira, carry her on your back. As for that, [Floating Orb]? Marida will carry it with Mia on the front. Alexio, follow the two. I’ll be in between.”


The three nodded at Ruban’s instructions.

I’m fine with that too.


Yosh. Let’s go home.”



Sera – [Hideout] [Prayer] [Floating Orb] [Shadow Sword] [Scarlet Bee’s Needle] [8 Divine Coins]

Seliana – [Area Recognition] [    ] [13 Divine Coins]

Elena – [    ] [Green Fang] [0 Divine Coin]

Alex – [    ] [Red Shield] [1 Divine Coin]







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