Gather Divine Coins and Gacha! – Chapter 051


Chapter 051 


“Phew… hii…”


It was unexpected that there wouldn’t only be seconds, but more than two extra servings, but I managed to beat them somehow.

Though I’m drenched in blood and all kinds of things…


The crackling thing coming out of [Scarlet Bee’s Needle].

If it hits a monster, it explodes…

I was surprised because I didn’t imagine its power was to that extent.

It burst out in front of my eyes and I cried out unintentionally.


Even though I didn’t receive an attack, it hurts here and there… I want to take a bath.

And I want to keep sleeping until I wake up without being woken up.

Eating is… no.

I felt full with the smell of blood.

I need to go back to the group and…


“The boss battle!?”


Oh no.

I was desperate during the battle that I completely forgot!

I was so tired that I had no clue where my thoughts are going, but speaking of which, they were still fighting.

They were still fighting when I approached them several times to update my [Prayer]. I wonder what happened?


It shouldn’t become gory, right…?


I raised my altitude using my [Floating Orb] and looked around, but there were no shadows of any monster.

And I could see the battle still going from a distance.


Well, what should I do…

I was told to withdraw in case of emergency, but I don’t really know what’s happening from here.

Maybe I should get closer.






Just to be sure, I went up close to the ceiling, I tried to get closer at a distance of about 50 meters while going around, but…

They’re in a bit of a mess because of something that happened.


Mia, who has some kind of skill, seems to have received damage, and is receiving treatment from Keira.

It seems that it didn’t find Ruban, and Marida, who is standing in front of Mia, as a threat, so it ignores them and focuses its attacks on Alex.

Alex held up his [Red Shield] and survived its onslaught.

He carries his shield with both hands and does not carry a weapon.

It seems a kind of… stalemate.


Even now, they are attacking from both sides, but Marida’s attack from the shield’s side is repelled with a single swing of the Majin’s shield, and Ruban’s attack from the other side hits its body, but it doesn’t look like there was damage going through because it was blocked by its armor.


…what should I do?


When I look behind them, Mia is still being treated.

It seems difficult for everyone to escape.






Is that shield, by any chance, an ordinary shield?

It’s true that the two’s attacks were parried, but that’s due to the boss’ skill and physical ability, not the effect of the shield itself.

As proof of that, even if they were sent back flying, they could immediately get up and move into action.


That means, it’s effective if I kick that shield?

After breaking its balance with a kick, swing the [Shadow Sword] around, and leave immediately.

This is it!


In that case, timing is what matters.

It would be the worst if I attacked and attacked the others together, or conversely get attacked together with the boss.

It would be nice if I could make some kind of signal, but since it’s covered with something like a helmet, I can’t tell if it has eyes or ears, but if it notices me before I attack, it would be a complete waste.




After watching for a while, I realized something.


First, after Alex receives the boss’s wide swing attack with his shield, the two attacked from both sides and were pushed far away.

In the meantime, Alex, who has regained his balance, blocks the attack and prevents it from pursuing the two.

Then it repeats.

There seems to be no doubt that they are struggling, but their series of cooperation buys them time until the treatment is over.

There may be some changes once Mia returns.


But the effect of [Prayer] will wear off soon, and now is the time to find an opportunity.


…should I do it now?




Let’s rush in at the timing of the reset.

Then I shouldn’t include them in my attack or get included in theirs.

I looked around again just in case, but I couldn’t see any monster.

And when I looked back, Alex had received the boss’ attack and the two of them had returned and kept their distance.


It’s now.


I accelerated my [Floating Orb] at once and charged.

This wind pressure… it should exceed speeds of three digits.

My [Floating Orb] updated its maximum speed record.

I activated the [Scarlet Bee’s Needle] and take a flying kick stance.

It was faster than I expected, but I managed to make it in time.

I can’t set a more precise aim anymore, but I should hit it somewhere!


Let’s go!





Sera – [Hideout] [Prayer] [Floating Orb] [Shadow Sword] [Scarlet Bee’s Needle] [8 Divine Coins]

Seliana – [Area Recognition] [    ] [13 Divine Coins]

Elena – [    ] [Green Fang] [0 Divine Coin]

Alex – [    ] [Red Shield] [1 Divine Coin]







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