Gather Divine Coins and Gacha! – Chapter 036

Chapter 036 


“Sera, don’t go to the dungeon until the story about the undead settles down. I know that you’re not at fault, but it would be troublesome if this kind of thing happens many times. That goes the same for you, right?”


Of course.

It can’t be helped, I’ll behave for a while.




“Very good. Well then, let’s hear about your dungeon exploration. You said you only need one more. So what happened?”


I encountered an unexpected situation on the way home, but I got it for sure.


Fufufufu! I got one properly!”


“That’s great. There’s also a holy statue here, so use it.”


Behind Grandpa’s desk is the same holy statue that I have.

There’s a big one in Zerkis’s mansion, but I guess there isn’t one in the royal capital mansion.


“I’ll take the rest in my room.”


Saying that, I left the office and headed to the room I was given.

I stuffed many things, including divine coins, into my [Hideaway], but we haven’t told Grandpa about it yet, so I need a small act like this.

It’s not a big deal, but they might have some idea to let me hide it.




“I’m back!”


I returned to the office with the divine coins I prepared.

When I looked inside the room, the holy statue that had been placed on the wall shelf had moved onto the table.

It must have been Grandpa who moved it.

When I just arrived, I chatted with him a little bit about my [Prayer], but it seems that speculation of items and skills is quite a popular pastime for knights and soldiers who have retired, and they look forward to it very much.


“10 coins within a month… I also thought that perhaps, but… that is quite impressive.”




“Oh? Did Ojii-sama sense some talent from Sera?”


Seliana seems to have doubts too.

I had a somewhat informal conversation with him, but I didn’t speak of deep topics with him.

In that case, maybe it’s a hidden talent that resonates with a veteran warrior…!


“There is a theory that divine coins are easy to obtain for the weak.”




“The bottom line is that the bigger the difference in physical ability and mana from monsters, the easier it is to obtain. However, no matter if that theory is true or now, it would not result in anything good. In the past, there was a country in the west that used children like you to fight in groups. As a result of that party being wiped out, the dungeon collapsed, destroyed the city, and when they fell into chaos, the country itself was taken by the Empire. Because of that, we stopped talking about it after my generation.”


“I-I see.”


So that’s the case~, the weak huh~… sure, I’m confident that I only fight a goblin to the death without items, so… well, I guess I’m weak…

So I was lucky~…


“Well, that will never happen in this kingdom. Hurry up and take out your divine coins.”


I think it’s a bit of a forcible way of cutting the story short, but when I look at Seliana, she nods too.

It’s probably a matter of letting it flow and moving forward.

Then, going back to square one, I took out my divine coins, and stand in front of the holy statue.


I put the divine coins in both hands and offer them to the holy statue.

My body glows and drumrolls resound.

This is the 6th time.

I’m already used to it, so I’m calm even in this situation.


During the last gacha, I was looking for a long-range attack.

The result was [Prayer].

Considering it’s a buff skill for the entire party that has a recovery effect, it’s extremely powerful, and it’s thanks to this that I somehow managed to survive this time.

Apart from Magic Steel, the items I got such as [Hideout], [Floating Ball] and [Shadow Sword] are all useful.

It may not matter if I try too hard, so let’s go without thinking this time.


I closed my eyes and breathe shallowly.

I felt the gazes of three people in the room.


I know myself that my senses have been sharpened.

This is… it’s gonna come!










Kaa! I opened my eyes and the reel stops.


Something like a thin string is floating in front of me.

The words that came to my mind were [Scarlet Bee’s Needle].






What’s this?



Sera – [Hideout] [Prayer] [Floating Orb] [Shadow Sword] [0 Divine Coin]

Seliana – [Area Recognition] [    ] [9 Divine Coins]

Elena – [    ] [Green Fang] [0 Divine Coin]

Alex – [    ] [Red Shield] [0 Divine Coin]







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