Gather Divine Coins and Gacha! – Chapter 033

Chapter 033 


“Is there anything you want to ask?”


Did she know that I have a dubious look on my face?

It’s a good opportunity.

I should ask since she asked me.


“Is it something we need to hide that much?”


“Oh, I need to tell you about that. The Great Forest Alliance doesn’t go as far as going to war with the western countries, especially the Empire and the Allies, but our relationship with them was never good.”


…western countries? There are only countries in the Great Forest Alliance on the eastern side.


“…that means most countries on the continent, right? Why again?”


“There are almost no monsters in the west except in dungeons. Do you know what that means?”




It’s nice to have peace, but that means that there be fewer ways to obtain divine coins?

And the fact that they have dungeons means they need divine coins to maintain them…


“Understood? Because of the alliance’s agreement, divine coins cannot be taken out of the kingdom, so it’s supposed to be consumed within the kingdom. The only exception is the church. You’ve been in Lutor’s orphanage, so you know, right? Once you leave the territory capital, the farther away you are, the stronger the influence of the church will be. So we’re going to pluck them.”


Hah~… they’re thinking about a lot of things.


“So you’re on bad terms with the church.”


I had that doubt before.

Although it is collectively referred to as a church, it is a facility made by the Medalia Church. Their home base, Medalia Divine Country, is in the west, and is surrounded by the Empire, if I’m correct.

However, they do allow their missionary work, and it seems they also need Medalia Church’s holy statue to play gacha, so why is their relationship sour?


“Yes, but it wasn’t originally like that. However, maybe it was in the last 50 years or so? The Empire and the Allies entered the church when the number of divine coins they obtained decreased.”


So they’re taking the kingdom’s divine coins through the church.

They’re doing something very elaborate.


“Will there be a war?”


“No. The number of bestowed items and blessings we have is on a completely different scale. If we were to actually go to war, we wouldn’t be able to win, but at least we would be able to deal a considerable amount of damage to the West. To the point that they wouldn’t be able to preserve their country. Unless you’re an idiot, you wouldn’t do such a thing. But well, it’s not something absolute, so we allow the activities of the church.”




“But it’s not good for the city to be practically ruled just because we allowed them. As for Lutor, this marriage can solve that problem. Although only a few, there are also nobles within the Alliance who are connected to the West, so the reason I hide it is because I’m wary of their interference.”


So there are even factions…

I don’t know anything about it, so I decided not to get involved.


“I see. I understand most of it. Thank you.”


“What else do you want to ask?”


“Yeah, that’s enough”


“Is that so? Then I’ll talk about our policy for the next year. Elena, you will be my bodyguard. The number of people I will have to deal with will increase starting from the academy and other nobles, do you understand?”


“Yes. Please leave it to me.”


“Alex, please make connections with adventurers and mercenaries. You must hide the news about the new territory, you know? I want you to select promising people depending on both their ability and personality. Can you do it?”


“Leave it to me.”




‘Everyone’s gonna be busy~’, and when I was looking at them while thinking of that, my name was called unexpectedly.




“What are you surprised about… how’s the dungeon in the royal capital? Are you okay if you go alone?”



Can I go alone?


“There’s no problem if it’s only up to the shallow floors. I don’t know beyond that.”


“…what about the centipede?”




“Centipede? That’s a monster bug, isn’t it? What’s wrong with that?”


Elena’s words gave her a dubious expression.


“Sera doesn’t seem to like centipedes… she was screaming the whole time.”


No… no.

One-person-act is gonna disappear.


“It’s okay! I’ll run away! I won’t get off my [Floating Orb]!”


I myself thought I was desperate, but if this goes on, I’ll be turned into a maid in the mansion.


“…except centipedes, you don’t have any problem?”


Did she feel my desperation?

Hearing those words, I nodded seriously.


“Is that so… don’t push yourself, okay?”


I passed…!



Sera – [Hideout] [Prayer] [Floating Orb] [Shadow Sword] [6 Divine Coins]

Seliana – [Area Recognition] [    ] [8 Divine Coins]

Elena – [    ] [Green Fang] [0 Divine Coin]

Alex – [    ] [Red Shield] [0 Divine Coin]







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