Gather Divine Coins and Gacha! – Chapter 030

Chapter 030 


“You… t-this is!?”


Looking at the five divine coins in my hand, the two of them had stunned expressions on their faces.


Ain’t that right, ain’t that right.

Be more surprised.

I wasn’t just freaking out and screaming at the centipedes.

I was scared of bats too.


When I floated close to the ceiling to escape from the centipedes, what I found there was a swarm of bats that attacked me.

They’re probably as big as a crow with its wings spread. There were around 20 of them.

Fortunately, they weren’t that fast, and I could easily cut them in half with my [Shadow Sword].

Although I was outnumbered, I won an unscathed victory.


“So there were Bigbats…”


“So they’re called Bigbat…?”


What a disappointing name.


“Well, they can only be described as a big bat, so… however, they’re quite a tough opponent because they have no presence and attack from above. You did well defeating them.” 


My [Prayer] was activated, but I think that it probably increased not only physical strength but also all physical ability in general.

Including dynamic vision and reflexes.

My child’s body has not touched TV or games, and my eyesight has not deteriorated.

However, I still can’t see through the movement of that many bats.

It wouldn’t have any merit for me if it increased only recovery and strength, but in this case, it is useful enough for me as well.


Fufun! Super easy!”






Alex let out a roar and held up his [Red Shield] to block the boar’s body, which was about the size of a cow.


In addition, two wild boars are rushing in from behind that.

Even with the effect of my [Prayer], he seems to be having a hard time. What should I do?


“Sera! Attack the one in front of Alex!”


Just when I was about to look at Elena for instructions, the instructions came.

As soon as Elena said that, she stretched out her [Green Fang] like a whip and hit the boar’s head hard to restrain it.


The wild boar that was attacked seemed to receive some shock, it stomped on its ground.

Is this my cue?




I swooped down from above and stabbed [Shadow Sword] into its head.

Dungeon monsters with cores have something like red bumps on their heads.

It seems that the cores can be found there.


I was able to hit it successfully!


“Okay next! The one on the right!”


Alex seemed to know that the boar had died even through the shield, so as soon as he said that, he held up his shield and thrust into the boar on the right behind the dead one.




Once it stopped moving, I hit it in the same way as the one from earlier.

I defeated the second one by similarly penetrating its core.

When I turned my head to the left, Alex was already attacking the third one.


…he’s quite courageous attacking such a big creature.


I leave the remaining one to the two, and I floated up to watch the surroundings.


The place where we are right now is deep in the shallow floors.

Even on the same shallow floors, the strength of the monsters is different from the ones near the entrance.

The number of monsters that appeared at once was only a few, but the frequency was high, they even appear nearby during battle, and sometimes even attacked while we were fighting.

Therefore, when there was only one left, I didn’t participate in the battle and went to guard the surroundings.


I look around, but there are no monsters in sight!

Looking down, Elena was piercing the neck of the enemy.

The battle is over.


“Good job~.”


I floated down to the two while calling out.


“Yeah, you too. Are there any monsters around?”


“There are people fighting on the other side of the wall, but there’s nothing around here.”


“Hmm… we just came today to take a look, let’s go back. Elena, is that okay with you?”


“Sure. Even though we can use her [Hideout], it’s better to leave some spare strength.”


Elena, who was cleaning up the wild boar she killed, also joins the conversation.


“You don’t need to take a break…?”


“Yeah, no problem. Are you tired, Sera?”


“No, I’m fine, but…”


From my point of view, I think it would be better to sneak around while using my [Hideout], but people in this world try to hide their skills as much as possible, putting items aside.

Either that, or show it in a flashy way.


Even so, is it the same even if there are no people around in the dungeon?

…they’re really tough~.



Sera – [Hideout] [Prayer] [Floating Orb] [Shadow Sword] [5 Divine Coin]

Seliana – [Area Recognition] [    ] [4 Divine Coins]

Elena – [    ] [Green Fang] [0 Divine Coin]

Alex – [    ] [Red Shield] [0 Divine Coin]







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