Gather Divine Coins and Gacha! – Chapter 020

Chapter 020 


Elena Bazett.


A 19-year-old woman who serves as Seliana’s bodyguard, and she belongs to the House Bazett, a knight family that serves the House Müller.

She was born as the eldest daughter there, and she has an older brother who is one year older than her. Because of family tradition, she also learned the sword with him.

Although she was young, she was talented in horseriding and archery as well as swordsmanship, but above all that, she had a talent for magic.

There exists a female-only order of knights that protects women from the royal family, but in order to be eligible to join it, you must be born from a high-ranking noble house, or be part of that household.

She was also known in the royal capital, and there were discussions of her adoption and engagement, but she refused and remained in the territory.


Five years ago, when she was about to become an adventurer, she signed a contract to become the bodyguard and tutor for Seliana, who was 8 years old at the time.


I think that’s quite a history.

At first glance, she’s a tall, cool beauty, and it feels like she would be popular in a girls’ school.


But that cool beauty is knocking down the goblins with something like a whip, what should I do…


The [Green Fang] she got from gacha the other day.

It looks like a small knife, but it would stretch a lot for some reason.

About 2 meters, maybe?

It cuts and pierces while moving like a whip… how dangerous.


Even if you sneak through it and get close to her, you’ll be blown away by magic, then you’ll be cut and stabbed here and there…


Before the first battle, I was told to stand back because it was dangerous, so that’s what she means.


“…you, you were there huh?”


When I was thinking how dangerous she was and stuck to the ceiling about 3 meters away, Elena, who had finished her opponents, spoke to me.


Un. That thing… isn’t it quite amazing.”


Just to be sure, I check if there are any monsters around, then descended to Elena’s side.


“It’s interesting, right? I haven’t mastered it yet, but I think I can keep my distance and fight using it while casting spells.”


She looked at [Green Fang] with satisfaction.

Come to think of it, this person can also use magic.

In Alex’s case, it was easy to join him in fighting because he attracts the enemy with his [Red Shield], but how should I fight with her?

If I get too close, I feel like I might get chopped up though…?


“I heard that you would attack from the back with Alex yesterday, but can you fight in the front today? I’ll support you from behind while giving instructions.”


“Fumu, fumu.”


I see, am I going to be the vanguard?

I don’t have the skill to match her movement, so maybe that’s a good thing, but… wow, so scary~.


“You can defeat them one by one without overdoing yourself, so don’t worry.”




Well, around here, even if they come out at once, there will only be two monsters, so it should be okay, right?




Yesterday, I fought by sticking to the ceiling and attacking the enemy while Alex was attracting their attention one blow at a time, but today, I extended my [Shadow Sword] while floating for about a meter above the ground, advancing at a speed as fast as fast-walking.


This place called shallow floors has a lot of newcomers in early spring, but by the time winter comes, the newcomers will go deeper to the upper floors, so it’s already deserted.

For that reason, from the front to the middle of the shallow floors where there are no people, it is treated as a testing ground for gacha rewards, but since it is rare to draw gacha in the first place, there are almost no people here.


It’s strangely scary, like walking alone in an underground mall.

The occasional goblin cry adds to that horror.

Well, there’s something scarier waiting right behind me, though.


When I glanced back, Elena was walking about three meters away from me.

Is it to reassure me? She lightly waved while holding the [Green Fang] in her hand.


Can’t they appear already~.


Then, a goblin appeared about 5 meters in front of me, as if my wish had been fulfilled.


Before the goblin gets ready for battle, I rose up to a height of about 2 meters where its attack cannot reach while advancing, and then,

I spun vertically and cut its head in two.


There was no resistance when cutting, but there was a slightly different feel to it.

Maybe it’s the core.

With this method, I can remove the core without getting dirty.









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