Gather Divine Coins and Gacha! – Chapter 012

Chapter 012


“Here, take this.”


“What’s this?”


Looking at the thing held out in front of me, I knew what it was, but I couldn’t help but ask back.


“Sera, it’s your work clothes. You don’t have to work as a servant, but you should wear this.”


“Oh, okay.”


I had no choice but to say so and spread open the clothes that I received.

A plain black dress and a plain white apron.

I know.

It’s a maid outfit.


Oh, I’m late with my introduction.

My name is Sera, and my red hair and freckles are my charm points. My name is Sera, a girl who would become a beautiful girl in the future, probably.






It’s my new name

It was also used in Japan, so it’s a pretty trendy name.

It seems that many children are named after famous people, such as characters in stories and plays, or children of lords who are close to their age.


That name comes from Seliana.

She’s 14 and 8.

Our ages are a little far apart, but that name shows the fact that I’m from this city, making my background more convincing.


I was taken around here and there to meet her father, the lord, and the captain of the guard, so I was very busy for a while, but thanks to that, things related to my family registration are finally solved.


That’s fine, but I never thought I’d become a maid.

So it exists… a uniform of my size.


“Sera, take it out.”


When it was slightly feeling blue, Seliana reached out her hand and asked for the divine coins.




Well, I know? Keeping promises is important.

The other party kept their promise properly.

Now it’s my turn to keep mine.

It’s my turn to keep my promise.

That makes sense.

I know.

I even put it in the inner pocket of my clothes.

I can really understand.


“Hurry up and give it to me>”




Even though I knew what to do in my head, my body refused to let go of the divine coin, and I don’t know why she knew where it was, but she stuck her hand into my clothes and took them away.


“Really… I’ll check to see if there’s a hit.”


As soon as she said that, Elena and Alex started offering the divine coins one by one to the goddess statue.


We are in the place of worship on the premises, where a statue of the goddess is placed.

Not only House Müller uses it, but also knights and soldiers in the territory, and even other nobles use it.

It seems that the people who are far away, even within the territory, are like that.

Do they wish to keep their distance from the church that much? But it seems to be like that.


Putting that aside, if one would ask what they are doing now, it seems that by sharing these 8 coins, the number of divine coins possessed by the three of Seliana and the other two will exceed 10.

So they will spin the gacha.


By the way, I call it “gacha”, but in this world, they simply say “use divine coins”.


I won’t participate, but since I’ve been doing it relying on my hunch all four times, and I can see the formal etiquette, I’m asked to observe them.

I never thought I would be sexually harassed, but…


“I expected it, but… they all of them are a miss. Elena, let’s start with you.”


About the hit and miss that comes up from time to time.

It is said to be a hit when you can draw a gacha with one coin.

It seems that it is rare, but it seems that it is commonplace to try it one by one before drawing the gacha.

All of the coins of the three were a miss, so I guess am I lucky that I was able to draw a hit at the beginning?


Well, after trying it once, it seems that they will finally draw.

Elena kneels in front of the goddess statue on one knee, holding the coins in her hands and holding them in front of her face.

Is that the official pose?


Ah… wait a minute.”


Something bothered me and called out to Seliana.

Isn’t that dangerous?


“What? You shouldn’t disturb her concentration, okay?”


I got scolded.


“No, isn’t that dangerous?”


[Floating Orb] and [Magic Steel] fell down from the height of my face.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that heavy objects will appear for sure, but in that position, she can’t escape quickly and she might get hurt.


“……? I don’t know what you are talking about, but she would be fine like that.”


Is that really okay…?

When I was feeling uneasy, Elena began to emit a faint light.







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