Gather Divine Coins and Gacha! – Chapter 011

Chapter 011


8 divine coins.

When exchanged, it’s 160 gold coins.

Give it all…


“How can she…!?”, I couldn’t hide my surprise and was petrified.

This is all I have, you know?




“You ran away from the orphanage, right? Then your family register is linked to the church, so you should know that it’s going to be tough wherever you go.”


Seeing me stiffen up, the rough-looking big brother explained to me.


When a child is taken to an orphanage, the child becomes affiliated with the church, and even nobles and lords need to respond to their handover.

Surprisingly, the family register management seems to be relatively solid, and although not all of them, it seems that there are many decent jobs and residences that require proof of that.

Of course, you can’t also become an adventurer without it.

If you can’t do that, you’ll just drop out.


Isn’t this pretty tough…? Even though I was desperate, I guess that I was a little naive.


“That’s right. If you accept, I’ll deal with everything for you.”


“Okay… please.”


Losing 8 divine coins hurt, but if I think of it as a reset, it shouldn’t be so bad! I should think so.


“Very good. Well… I wonder if you can hide in that [Hideout] for the next two days?”


“Hmm? It’s okay, but…?”


“When night falls, leave here and head to the relief community home. I’m planning to visit that place in two days. I’ll pick you up there, so you should keep yourself hidden until then. Can you do that?”


What is a relief center…? Is it different from the church hospital?


“What’s a relief center?”


“It’s the white building on the hill on the west side of the pond. Do you know it?”


“Ah, I know that place.”


When I looked around the city from the air before, it was at night, so I couldn’t make out the detailed shapes and colors of the city’s buildings, but it was on a hill and it was strangely conspicuous because it was white, so it should be that place.

I thought it looked like a hospital, but was it really like that?


“You’re eight years old, aren’t you? I’d like to change your name just in case, but I wonder if you have a name you’re particular about?”




Come to think of it, there were 5 or 6 people with the same name as me. Most of them calls me like oi, or you there.

Maybe they also named me casually?




I don’t have one.


“Very good. Then I’ll have a little talk with my father. Elena, accompany her. Let’s go, Alex.”


After saying that, she left the room with the rough-looking big brother.

How should I put it, she’s a girl who talks easily… it’s a good thing that the discussion ends quickly.




Well then, at night.

I have already left the mansion and entered the relief center, I was hiding in the carriage stop as usual.


After a while, the blondie, who came back to the room, her name was Seliana Müller Zerkis.

In the order of her name, family name, and territory name, in other words, she is the offspring of Earl Muller, belonging to the family of the lord of this Zerkis territory.


And she’s 14 years old… she looks so mature~.


This relief center is run by the lord, and visiting and inspecting it seems to be the duty of the lord’s family.


When she visits here the day after tomorrow, she finds a child wandering alone.

Listening to her story, she was originally born in this city, but her family disappeared for some reason and she was left alone.

When she was at a loss, Seliana, who came to inspect the place, happened to see her sneaking into a large building.

And when she hears her story, she takes pity on her, so she decided to adopt her.


The story seems to go like that.

It is not that far from being somewhat overbearing, but in short, as long as there is a good reason to take in a child with no relatives.

She would gain fame by doing so, and also show how the orphanage, and by extension the church, is useless.

Killing two birds with one stone.


She has already discussed it with her father, the lord, and my family register has been forged as well.

The other day, there was a couple who ran away from the city because of their debts and were killed by monsters. It seems that they are going to be my parents.


I feel a little guilty about using a deceased person, but this is how this world works.

I will have to give up on that.


For the time being, it seems that I will be Seliana’s exclusive servant, but it seems that I will be in the same position as those two.

It’s pretty free.

I don’t know what she’s thinking yet, but well, I guess it won’t be bad for me.







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