Gather Divine Coins and Gacha! – Chapter 005

Chapter 005


“Muu... is this also a miss…”


I put aside the divine coin that was dedicated to the goddess statue.


I thought the method was to offer the divine coins to the goddess statue, but was I wrong?

I thought it would be fine because it looked the same as the divine coin I had in front of me, but…

I tried all 38 but nothing happened.


It might be possible to leave it as it is and wait until it can be redeemed, but I feel like it’s a waste since there is such a large amount I have right now.


“Is it the enthusiasm…?”


I tried to recall my first time, but was I showing enthusiasm at that time…?




“Choaaaaaaaa!! …cough, cough…”


I choked.

But nothing happened….


“It’s wrong after all…”


Regardless of when I got it, I wasn’t particularly enthusiastic when the gacha was activated.

In that case…


“Is it the number?”


2, 4, 6…10!

Let’s go with exactly 10.

I grabbed one of the 10 coins stacked one on top of the other and offered it to the goddess statue.




Ten coins seem to be the correct answer. A drum roll rang out in my head after about a second.




“Before, I was thinking about wanting a hideout, and I obtained one, so I wonder if it’s like that? What would be good? Maybe magic? A super strong one!”


Standing on the sofa, I jumped into a pose and shouted.


“Come on!”


The drumroll turns into fanfare, and words came to my mind.




The words that came to my mind were [Floating Orb].

Something that I don’t understand came out…

This thing, what is it?


When I was thinking about such a thing, a black object appeared in front of me at the height of my face, and…


“Oh…? Hey-eeeeeeeeeey!?”


Gozun! With a heavy sound, it fell to the floor.

I dodged in a hurry, but since I was barefoot, a direct hit might have been dangerous.


“…what’s this?”


I control my breath and try to touch it.


Is it the size of a basketball?

It’s a black sphere, and I feel like it’s different from hard, cold metal.

And it’s heavy.

Probably more than 10kg? I was able to lift it, but I didn’t force myself and let it roll to the corner.


It’s a little different than I thought, but I can still do it two more times.

I regained myself and tried again.


“Good things come on, good things come on, good things come on…”


While thinking so, I offered the divine coins, and as soon as the drum roll sounded, I immediately stopped it.

The words that came to my mind were [Magic Steel].




Something I don’t know came out again.

In order not to repeat the blunder from earlier, I watched what happened while moving back for about 1 meter, a black square object appeared, and…




Then, it fell to the floor again with a heavy sound.


“…what is this?”


It’s a shiny, black brick-block-sized ingot.

I poked it and it made a hard squeaking sound, so it might be iron or steel.

I don’t know if it exists in this world, but it’s different from aluminum and duralumin.

It seems to be called [Magic Steel], but I wonder if it’s a fantasy thing…?


“Oh… it’s heavy!”


I couldn’t tell what it was by looking at it, so I tried to take it to the corner, but it was heavy.

The sphere from earlier was heavy, but this is even heavier.

Probably 20kg or more.

Maybe it’s heavier than me…?




While sitting down and pushing with the soles of my feet, I somehow moved it.

It must have been quite rough, but there are no scratches on the flooring.

This room itself is a product of fantasy, so maybe that’s just how it is?


Anyway, there are 18 coins left so it would probably end with just one more.

Only things that I don’t understand have come out so far.

The only thing they have in common is that they are heavy, but that probably doesn’t matter.


“Let the good stuff out, let the good stuff out, let the good stuff out…”


I offered the divine coins again while thinking similar things as before.


“Let the good stuff out!”


As usual, the drum roll resounded, but this time I shouted with more enthusiasm.

And the words that came to my mind were [Shadow Sword]


T-This is! Is it a good thing!?

Sword! It’s also a shadow!

This smells like fantasy!







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