Lottery Grand Prize Chapter 42

It’s the first time I found out that the staff of the lottery place was a female. I mean, she was only called by the MC by “staff” ever since, and not even said how she looked even once.

Here‘s Chapter 42 of Lottery Grand Prize.

But yeah, its not like it had a lot of effects in the story up until now. Except that she didn’t flinch at all at the guy with tentacles ability. Hmm….

Lottery Grand Prize Chapter 36


Thank you very much, To aru A-san for donating! :))

Here‘s Chapter 36 of Lottery Grand Prize: Musou Harem Rights

Last release for the day. I probably slept in a weird position, I had neck pain since I woke up. I hope that it gets better tomorrow. It’s not like I couldn’t sit in front of my pc and translate a ton, but I’d hate it if it gets worst, so rest day for me today, I mean, well, I’ll watch mofumofus I guess.

Tomorrow, I think I’ll make a release of Kenshi Mahou 9999. I think you guys miss Laura-chan. And the next day, maybe I’ll release the next event for Itai no wa Iya no Kyokufuri. Maple-chan and Sally-chan will be like wtf again I can guarantee it.