I dunno.


^ should I change the title. huhuhu. I should made it in the first place… the light novel isn’t that different with the web novel, a few additional stories and some fixes. Hmmm… Grand Prize: Unrivalled ~Harem Ticket~ maybe better than the title right now, I mean its the official one…. didn’t see it in the cover I put earlier… didn’t look at it carefully… hmmm….


I’m not sure if I can have a release today.


Instead, I’ll try to create a page for the illustrations for Manga Yome and Lottery Grand Prize later. I’m currently reading a few light novels so, I think translation speed will slow down for a while, maybe for a week at most.

I thought I’d decide which light novel I will translate after translating some teasers of the light novel. But, there was a few that I impulsively bought it because I fell it love with a glance. So yeah……. I already decided what to translate…. I mean, I couldn’t focus on translating because I wanted to know what’s going to happen next.

So, that happened, I’ll post later the illustrations of it, I guess. I’ll try to release a lot of chapters after reading these books. There’s also the thing called studying, but yeah… I’d do my best, I guess.

Please continue on supporting me~ (*´・ω・`)ノ

I’m planning on translating Light Novels. Maybe……….


^ I’m not yet sure on what to do though. Well, yeah…. I know that I still have these web novels to translate, but is wanting a new wind wrong. I also know that is still not yet a month since I started but translating started to become like a routine task. It’s not like I hate it, I am able to be more immersed in the novel and it deepens my understanding of it, maybe thinking on the author’s shoes, but it’s like eating chicken everyday for a week. It’s delicious, yes, but eating continuously for a few weeks, hmm, it started to taste bland after a while. It’s not that I don’t like it, I just have too much of it that my taste of it had changed.

So I thought, maybe, I might limit the releases per series for 3 chapters a week. Unless you give me gravy or whatever so I can eat the chicken deliciously, and so that I will have a reason to eat chicken that is free chicken, because free chicken is more delicious than paid chicken and I’m not used to eating free chicken lol. I also sometimes feel like eating chicken, so maybe at least 3 chapters a week.

Instead, I thought of translating light novels because I found out how to get copies of them. Still thinking of which one though, I’d also like to choose the chicken I’d eat. Whether the OP-harem MCs that I like, or something more light and fluffy-kind again, or the dark ones that is not of the faint heart(well, me for example). I think I might just translate teasers, then decide which one of them were most popular, I guess.Maybe I’d translate the Ore Dake Kaereru Kurasu Teni in its light novel version instead. Hmm. Maybe I’ll study/review english a little more.

That’s my goal for this month, I guess.

Currently interested on.


There’s this novel that I was thinking of translating but got neck pain so yeah, maybe next time.

It was about a male battle priest-like from another world that was thrown away from the party by summoned Brave because he wanted harem. Maybe I’ll post its teaser later.

But well, it’s simply about a priest(healer) that dwells in efficiency and business-like way of doing his “faith” job, to support the summoned Brave who drowns in his cheat powers and who wants a harem for himself from the sidelines on the quest to defeat the demon king. The hardships of babysitting a childish, spoiled summoned Brave.

Slowly do it or at once.


I’m also a reader so I’m thinking about this. Should I release chapters at once, and what I mean about that is I’ll release the arc without cliff hangers. Or should I keep it this way, releasing chapters as soon as they’re finished. The latter may provide better quality translations, but it might slow. I mean adding things like translator notes and stuff so it’s easier to understand. Maybe I’ll also put Japanese characters and how to read them so you can also learn.

I hate cliff hangers as a reader, but I also like it since I will be thinking about the possibilities that may happen to the story, and that is fun in itself. But since I’m translating mostly(only?) web novels, maybe I can trace the pace that the author had been releasing the chapters of their novel originally. Both have their pros and cons. It’s just, I may get lazy to make a release, and just translate the next chapters instead. In fact, I just feel like that now.

What do you think?