Currently interested on.


There’s this novel that I was thinking of translating but got neck pain so yeah, maybe next time.

It was about a male battle priest-like from another world that was thrown away from the party by summoned Brave because he wanted harem. Maybe I’ll post its teaser later.

But well, it’s simply about a priest(healer) that dwells in efficiency and business-like way of doing his “faith” job, to support the summoned Brave who drowns in his cheat powers and who wants a harem for himself from the sidelines on the quest to defeat the demon king. The hardships of babysitting a childish, spoiled summoned Brave.

Slowly do it or at once.


I’m also a reader so I’m thinking about this. Should I release chapters at once, and what I mean about that is I’ll release the arc without cliff hangers. Or should I keep it this way, releasing chapters as soon as they’re finished. The latter may provide better quality translations, but it might slow. I mean adding things like translator notes and stuff so it’s easier to understand. Maybe I’ll also put Japanese characters and how to read them so you can also learn.

I hate cliff hangers as a reader, but I also like it since I will be thinking about the possibilities that may happen to the story, and that is fun in itself. But since I’m translating mostly(only?) web novels, maybe I can trace the pace that the author had been releasing the chapters of their novel originally. Both have their pros and cons. It’s just, I may get lazy to make a release, and just translate the next chapters instead. In fact, I just feel like that now.

What do you think?