I’m Back (I just hope)



Hey guys. Well, although I said that “I’m Back”,  it’s not like I disappeared or got MIA or anything, but it’s true that I have not been focused on translating, just submitting chapters without announcement. I have had releases but well, as some of you know, the queue on the Dungeon Seeker is slow to finish because when I start translating, I could not help but choose those of which are easier/lighter to translate. Well, at least for next week, I will have chapter releases for Dungeon Seeker because it’s finally the part where a character would not die(probably) other than Junpei, well, it’s Ami by the way.

Other than Dungeon Seeker, I’ll have at least one chapter release for each novel that I’m currently translating.

Sorry to those who have emailed me and I have not replied. I’m usually not checking my email for this website when I am translating so I can only apologize for that. Also, I’m sorry for not replying to comments. I feel like I would just demoralize myself when I see comments about how my grammar or whatever sucks so I stopped looking at them.

Also, for those who are wondering what was the ” ( # / # ) Release for the week) ” I was placing on each chapter release, although there were obviously more releases more than that, well, the answer is the ” ( # / # ) Release for the week) ” is based on my patreon. I currently have 15 Adventurers registered as my patrons and $83 for the Adventurer’s Guild’s operating funds. When it reaches 150$ I will release 9 chapters each week.

I planned on giving rewards for the Adventurers according to their ranks, but thought twice because the Adventurer’s Guild(me) still has loans(donation queues) to finish. Also, I don’t know which novel the patrons prefer and how I’m going to give them those rewards without making it too much of a pain to work on so in the end, rewards are on hold. I will give you a huge THANK YOU though.

All in all, I just want to say that I’ll be active for some time.

Other than that, hmm. Continue reading

Just a little on the edge.


I’ve started translating about 6 months now. It isn’t that long, but I found out a lot of things like how my grammar and English sucks, that there’s a lot of difference reading Japanese and translating Japanese into another language, and that too much typing would actually make my fingers feel painful. I’ve averaged 2 chapters a day, with at least 1000 words coming from at least 3000 Japanese characters.

Anyways, I’m on my way to learning Mandarin because, well, I actually like translating, and I would like it to be my job. Unfortunately, translating Japanese light/web novels is in the gray zone, making it harder for me to feel legit. Also, there isn’t a lot of Japanese novels with 1000+ chapters, making it unsuitable for Patreon. Really, it’s too bad that I can do nothing about it. My god. Just looking at Patreons on wuxiaworld makes me die from envy.

But even so, it would take me 1-2 years to be able to be at the least, “good” at Mandarin. I’d probably do a lot of MTL-ing as well because I want to read advance chapters. I remember the times when I read Mushoku Tensei raws before it was completely translated into English. Well, reading Japanese visual novels and playing H-games was another reason that I tried to learn desperately. There was this “drive” inside me, yes. I heard that Chinese novels have n number of ways to describe the action, so maybe that will be my drive this time.

Oh well, I’m really busying myself with a lot of things. Everything isn’t going well or the best that I hoped it would have, but I try to keep myself positive, I’ll try to do my best.

Schedule for next week (I hope):

03/20(月): Hon Issatsu / Manga Yome
03/21(火): Dungeon Seeker / Manga Yome
03/22(水): Isekai Yakkyoku / Manga Yome
03/23(木): Hon Issatsu
03/24(金): Dungeon Seeker
03/25(土): Isekai Yakkyoku
03/26(日): Dungeon Seeker

Plans and Goals.



Hey guys, it’s Paichun.

It’s about five and a half months since I started this translating thing, and well, it has been quite fun. Rather than re-reading my favorite novels in Japanese, I learned an advanced skill to translate it instead. Well, it’s physically impossible to translate like 10 chapters a day so that disappointed me. It would take hours to translate each chapter.

But anyways, I continued it, and although my words are crude and pathetic at the start, I also got the feeling that I am improving. Both Japanese and English are not my native language after all. But thanks to the accumulated anime watching, manga reading, and watching movies that I have done since I was a child, I was able to learn to read the Japanese language several years ago, and although I suck at English since using my native language is enough for me to talk to my peers and friends, I think that I’ve improved a lot compared to a several months before. I am still improving and increasing my vocabulary, but well, that is something that would take time.

Anyways. By the way, the reason I learned the Japanese language is to, well, read the continuations of animes in the light novel or manga raws. I’ve watched One Piece, Dragon Ball, Bleach, Naruto, etc, since I was young, and I already half-learned the language anyways due to continuously watching anime and reading the subtitles. So then I decided to learn it all, just for the sake of doing it. Well, adding to that, being able to read and play untranslated visual novels and eroges is quite cool for me too.

So then, I started to learn Japanese, it took me only a few months to understand the Japanese characters (Kanji/Hiragana/Katakana), since I have accumulated experience on watching anime etc. And since then, I have read most of the novels in syosetsu.com, and I am still looking for interesting novels looking at the daily rankings.

And so. I decided then to get something out of this skill. Since I’m reading novels just the same, I thought that translating it wouldn’t be too bad also. I also thought if I should just buy a bunch of visual novels and just play, but I thought I wouldn’t get anything from it so I just decided to translate and post them here. I am clueless on how to create websites or techy things so I made a wordpress site and just did what I can.

Well, enough of that. Things that are written above are not very important.

I have failed again this month for my goal of finishing the sponsored chapters queue I have. It’s just that, there are things that happen irl that I can’t avoid. I’m really sorry for not posting for consecutive days.


And so, here’s my plan for each project that I have right now. Continue reading

Price Increase on Sponsored Chapters


Hey guys. Well, hearing a price hike really doesn’t feel that good, but honestly, I can’t help but do this. Unlike a few months ago when I have a lot of time, didn’t really mind this hobby(?) of translating, and is also the time when have not yet checked other translators properly, I don’t have that much freedom now. Well, I can just say that things in real life will be good for a long term (studying, making friends, family things, etc), and I don’t think that a few bucks is more valuable than doing what’s mentioned above.

Especially when I saw Martial God Asura’s 5k patreon. I felt like “wtf”. For example, for me to get that right now, [$5000/Kujibiki Tokushou($15/cp)] = 333+ chapters in a month. That is, well, quite impossible no? I’ll make it as [$5000/($25/cp] = 200 chapters. Well, although I don’t believe that I can translate 50 sponsored (+ regular) chapters a week, it is still less ridiculous than 80+ chapters a week.

Honestly, 5k patreon’s the most donations for translations I’ve seen yet, and I’m not sure if that would continue(I would hope so for them), but my $15/chapter isn’t really good for me(because I’d feel bad for myself working more than I probably should), and it would be bad for the translation community since it is lowest price set(my guess).

Donations that are a quarter, no, a fifth of that is good enough for me though. Also, I’m planning to post regular chapters(weekly), based on the amount donated every month(I will announce a week before).

Anyways, I would probably be able to write long excuses and explanations for justifying this action, and thought of doing it, but I won’t make this any longer. Just typing this three hundred words made my HP fall down quite a lot.

Thank you for very much those who have supported me and to those who will continue to do in the future.


Apology, Future Plans



I am really sorry for not being able to post new releases this month. It is just that I had some things that I needed to do, forcing me to be away from my gadgets. I had expected it, but I did not expect it to take so long. I am really sorry, especially to those who had donated. I feel really bad for you. But nonetheless, the things that happened in my real life, this month was very important so I can only apologize for it. In chinese novel terms, I am about to have a breakthrough in my cultivation, or in japanese, well generally, I’m in a training arc to defeat the enemy, or have a new member in my harem (I only wish).

Well, you guys would probably prefer actions more than words so I will only do in the future. More specifically, starting next year, or next month, I would release at least one free chapter a day that I prefer, plus at least one chapter for the sponsored chapters. I now have novels with different length with each chapter so I can only guarantee two chapters a day, because doing more might exhaust me, then have delays. However, I’ll probably do more than two chapters more often.

Thank you for those who are supporting me. Initially, I just only started this to get a few bucks to buy light novels, more so to support my hobby. But it is starting to grow more so I’ll have more attention on this translations thing, like having a fixed schedule. Other than that, someone told me that if this was a part-time job, I had been fired. Well, from now on, I’ll do my best to not get fired then.

Anyways, thank you again. Sorry for not being in touch, but next time, I’ll say in advance if some occasions happen.

Aside from releasing few chapters, I’ll probably be back after the New Year’s. I wish I had some superpowers or whatever to deal with unexpected things, but unfortunately, I’m just a normal guy, and unlike novels, claiming that I’m normal is literally normal and the truth, so I can only apologize and say better terms.

Advanced Happy New Year to all of you! See you soon.

I’ll start again, I guess.




Hey guys.

I’m going to make releases of the illustrations for the novel in advance. If you don’t want to see spoilers, I suggest that you won’t look at them. Fancy pictures. I need donations to get the next volumes though. Well, I still need to catch up so I don’t need to rush I guess.

But well, by the time that I’m able to translate them, most likely, I think that you’ve already forgotten all about them though.

I’ll resume releasing chapters after a few days. It’s not like I have a stock of them since I’ve been doing other things, but I’d try to translate many chapters as I can. But I don’t know, I’ll probably release more of the ones that I prefer more.

The others, I don’t know how “fast” I would be able to translate them, but I’ll try to at least update them for sure.

Also, I’ll make teasers of light novels once in a while. That might slow down the other series, but whatever. I’ll do what I want I guess.

After all, you can donate for faster release of the novels that you like. And I’m very grateful to Sean Emanuel-sama and Shin Amazake-sama since they did just that. Thanks to them, TDS had comparatively faster releases.

Well, that’s all I guess. By the way, you can support me by whitelisting your AdBlock for this site.

Thanks. ミ☆ヽ(○ ´ ∀`○)ノ☆彡

The Dungeon Seeker Chapter 9

Sponsored by Shin Amazake-sama!

Here‘s Chapter 9.

Sorry for the delay. The real life really attacks so suddenly. Anyways, after this, I’ll try to release the epilogue as soon as I finish translating it.

My experience in translating the volume 1 of this novel: I learned a few anatomical letters. I also found out how convenient fucks and shits in making sentences. If I used them, my translations probably were full of those. I am also now better at reading letters vertically. Still gets confused when TLng to light novel then web novel, or vice versa. I think I searched for words twice as much of web novels, since I could see the light novel’s vertical letters differently… but I probably got used to it, well, decently.

It was a really nice experience tho. I still owe Shin-sama up to the Episode of the Volume 2 of the novel. I’ll probably finish it this week….. (´・ω・`)

I’d probably release a teaser today or maybe tomorrow about a novel where a high school guy was living off a very rich elementary school loli. Even stopped school to play with her and her 2 loli friends which are also very rich…… well, please look forward to it, I guess.*Not R-18. I probably won’t translate R-18 novels.

The flames might be burning low


Well. It’s the start of the 3rd month of translating for me and if you have seen my website from the 1st month, you probably thought that I have a ton of releases per week. But honestly, my translations are getting slower instead of faster.

Here’s what happened.

Have you ever courted someone? Trying to impress somebody, in the case of me translating, you can say I was courting the readers to come and read my translations. I knew how my English and grammar suck, but there’s someone else worse so it’s okay right, plus that would improve along the way. So yeah, I got more people who would read my translations. I did pretty much my best with fast translations, although there were a lot of releases, typos and wrong grammars was plenty too. I got what I want. Many readers. Better English.

Now, I think what’s the next thing.

I could continue on doing what I’ve done right now, many releases. But I also have other things that I want to do. I want to play games too, one of the reasons I started translating is because I played too many games and read too many novels. In other words, I wanted to do something new. And right now, it’s the third month, I can’t say that it’s still pretty new to me anymore, so there’s one less motivation.

But hey, there’s people who like the novels and my translations and support by donating so that’s a huge plus. I could enjoy entering the world of the novel, then after I spend hours on translating it, someone gives me a coffee. That’s pretty nice right.

There’s also people who say thanks and likes the posts so that’s a huge plus too.

But honestly, I can’t think that I could continue releasing 20 chapters every week anymore. Unless I do something that would stimulate me. Fuel to my fire. Thing like donations. Yeah, like most people, I’m very weak to money.

Haha, well, it all comes to that point after all. You need that too right. That’s why some people stop doing their things. There’s not enough stimulation, the fire is disappearing. That’s my situation right now I think.

I’d still try on releasing a chapter a week for my current projects. Maybe more if I feel like it. Or better if someone could sponsor the novel. I’d love that and would surely make me more motivated.

I’m planning on releasing teasers of other novels for the next month. Probably at least one series a week. That might increase the chapter released and I feel bad for those fans of the other novels that I am currently translating since instead of updating them, I cheat on other novels, but I’m sorry. I can’t help it. Originally, I am someone who gets fed up with things very quickly. I need to mix up things to be able on continuing wanting it.

It’s like playing a game with the same character and the same equipments for a month. You’d want better equipments after playing that much right. (Translating time for me is at least 2 hours per chapter. If it wasn’t fun or if there weren’t things that I could learn from it, I probably didn’t start translating. And no, I am not using machine translation)

Authors of novels have their own preference on their use of words. So I thought, I can have better grammar and vocabulary by translating many series. After all, if I’m going to do something, I want to have the most out of it.

But, yeah. Sponsored chapters are exceptions of course. I’d translate with that anytime.

Mofumofus, here I come. ミ☆ヽ(≧ω≦)ノ☆彡


*From the time I wrote this, I might suddenly take back all that I’ve written. But hey, that only means more translations. Mood swings are really bad for me sometimes.

Welcome to Paichun Translations.


Hello. I am Paichun, I translate Japanese Web and Light Novels.

You can support me by whitelisting my website on your AdBlock. You can also support me by donating. Also, more patrons = more releases.

I hope you enjoy reading.

One more reason to get lazy translating.


I just saw a site that copy-pastes my releases. Well, good job on how you’re doing that, that’s I could say.

Maybe also one reason why translators won’t increase in numbers, some even stop. It’s not only that site in particular, but there are a lot more other sites which are like that.

I don’t really care that much about it honestly. It’s too much of a hassle to think about those kinds of things and it’s not like I’m going to be able to do something about it. Maybe I can by posting fake chapters or something but I’d rather watch MofuMofus or just read some new novels, which is probably how most people think and the reason why they get away with it.

I dunno. I wish I just didn’t find out about it.