Kujibiki Tokushou Chapter 138

Here‘s Chapter 138.


Kujibiki Tokushou Chapter 136


Here‘s Chapter 136.

By the way, Kujibiki Tokushou would be getting a drama cd which is going to be sold 12/15.

The cast would be:

Kakeru  :Ishikawa Kaito (One Punch Man – Genos, Haikyuu!! – Kageyama Tokio, Boku no Hero Academia – Iida Tenya)
Hikari    :Yamashita Nanami (Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de – Himeki Chifuyu, In a Different World with a Smartphone. – Sushie Urnea Ortlinde)
Helen    :Yoshimura Haruka (Shirobako – Yasuhara Ema, Urara Meirochou – Natsume Nono)
Nana     : Suwa Ayaka (KonoSuba – Eris)
Io          :Mimori, Suzuko (Btooom! – Himiko, Outbreak Company – Myucel Foaran, Love Live! – Sonoda Umi)

It would be about:

・Hikari’s hand-made lottery
・「Hot Springs Trip Pair-Ticket」
・Musou Harem in the Hot Springs

I could translate it, but I’d probably need somebody who has a copy and somebody who could typeset.

Well, there’s still two months, so I’d just mention it again later on.


Kujibiki Tokushou Chapter 135

Aegina Kingdom’s arc starts from this chapter.

Here‘s Chapter 135.

I’ve stopped getting absorbed into the stories of the novels I’m translating, so I plan on taking it easy for a while. Well, at least make it easy for me.

I’ll be mainly translating Kujibiki until I finish Aegina Kingdom’s arc and there would be fewer chapter releases with other novels. I’ll re-start translating with my favorite novel, then start multi-translating(?) several novels again.

I would still be allowing comments, but I won’t probably be reading them. It is somewhat killing my motivation when I’m seeing complaints.

Donations will be still opened but I will be taking my time clearing them.

Kujibiki Tokushou Chapter 128


Here‘s Chapter 128.

Next chapter won’t be posted in a “post” to respect the other translator who provided you guys with more chapters. Well, in short, I will be translating my own version, but won’t announce it.

Next chapter that would be announced is Chapter 135 which is the start of Aegina Kingdom arc that is up to Chapter 192.