Kujibiki Tokushou C62


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Here‘s Chapter 62.

Kujibiki Tokushou c56

Things that are unexpected really happens. While expecting to have a blissful time, a time that you would cherish, and would make your day end for the best kind of way. A cup of tea after doing your work for the past day. Savoring the relaxing aroma that came from it.

Here‘s Chapter 56.

Then your small toe hit the end of the table making you drop the cup. You die. But at least, it fell on the floor, not on the keyboard. That’s something.

Kujibiki Tokushou Chapter 55

Getting busy recently. Studying, catching up with projects, doing something about my nonexistent social life. Coffee is nice.

Here‘s Chapter 55.

I only want to sit on a couch and *MofuMofu*, but that seems impossible for a few weeks. Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket. I don’t think I’d win something from it, but imagining about the money that I probably wouldn’t get is fun enough, or maybe the money that I might’ve been able to use for something sweet or something. Would be a nice thing  for procrastinating. Something that wouldn’t let me sleep during the night. Yeah, then I would be like “fuck this”, stay all night and have a terrible day. Sounds great right? I