Kujibiki Tokushou Chapter 89



Here‘s Chapter 89.


Kujibiki Tokushou C81



Here‘s Chapter 81.

Recently, I searched for some novel with a harem that has a lot of “action” but there isn’t a lot of them. My definition of a harem should be one with 10+ women. I mean, “good guy” MCs killing people here and there but couldn’t touch the women around them makes me like wtf every time. A lot of famous novels with “block head” MCs though, shows that making the readers annoyed is a successful way.

I won’t force my preferences on others, although I want a novel with a lot of “action”, I also believe that authors that make its readers frustrated are successful ones. After all, they could bring out or create some emotion out of reader using the words they’ve written. Just like people who get famous because of their massive amount of haters. I also think that having an MC being fancied by n numbers of women but ending up with the blandest heroine is also a good plot by the author, making their readers not forget their written works. Making an “if” story would also be profitable after all.