Buta Kōshaku ni Tensei Shitakara, Kondo wa Kimi ni Suki to Iitai – Chapter 2

2nd Pig – Well then, let’s start it, diet!


You fatty! You fatty! You fatty!

Don’t mess around, Piggy Duke!

I was angry because I knew the memories of Piggy Duke!

It was because I knew, why this guy, this fatty, had stacked hate from everybody, and been banned from his country in the end.


「Buho, buu, buu」


Piggy Duke, he had intended that he calculated everything!

The next head of the House of a Duke was impossible to be bound to a woman who was only a retainer, it was a plan to get hated by everyone, diminish the dignity of the House, cause a lot of accidents, and be banned away from the country.

After being banned by the country, using the money he saved secretly, it looks like his dream was to live simply on a quiet place together with Charlotte.


But, that dream of Piggy Duke will not come true.

Because Charlotte would become a member of the anime version main character’s harem, and Piggy Duke will lose his will to live, became a slave and die.

「Buhi. Buhi! Buhi!!」


While sweating like a waterfall, I was running. Stripped off my school uniform, wear clothes of simple cloth, I was running. The clothes were drenched with sweat. My feet felt like it would get entangled any time.

Ahhh〜 damn it, it’s too hard!

Oi, Piggy Duke! No, me! Really, how much did you not work out!


「Oi, look at that! The Piggy Duke is running! It’s just like a charging orc, that appearance!」

「Oh〜it’s true〜. I wonder if it would rain pigs tomorrow〜」


While being talked behind my back, I continued running.

I knew the reason why Piggy Duke, even how much he was taken of a fool, did not take a diet in the anime. He needed to be continuously taken as a fool, as an incompetent.

Denning House of the Duke, producing the most military men within the Kingdom.

Piggy Duke was doted by the current head of the House of the Duke, Baldroy Denning.

The reason was simple, it was because Piggy Duke had talents for Wind Magic that exceeds the current head.


From generation to generation, one of the traditions handed down to the Wind Denning, House of the Duke.

That was the guidance of the wind (Wind Guidance).

Within the Duke candidates, the person who was the most loved by the Wind Spirits would become the next head of the House of the Duke!


When Piggy Duke was born, it was almost decided that he would be the next Duke.

Since Piggy Duke had memories, he had received education for someone who would become the next head of the Denning, House of the Duke.

But, when he was 6-years-old.

Piggy Duke met Charlotte who had dead eyes on the slave market, and found out Charlotte’s identity from the mischievous wind fairy.

The girl that was skins and bones in front of him, was the princess of the ruined empire, it said.

The things that had done to her, Piggy Duke found out who had chased her to a slave.


「My knight, Claude, Silva!! Buy that slave! I do not care how much it would cost! Release her from that place!」

「Slow-sama……please take a look, the price that was placed to that girl. That is a good amount of money」

「Young master Slow. U〜n, isn’t the money a little, not enough?」

「Father had said that it was about time for me to have a retainer! My pocket money for the next five years should be enough right!」


Starting from there, Piggy Duke started to change.

Living in intemperance, issued irrational orders around, the intelligent next head of the House of the Duke, gradually became a selfish young master.

And, this school life was the most important for Piggy Duke.

He spread throughout the country that Piggy Duke’s presence lowers the honor of the House of the Duke using the children of nobles.


「Buhi! Buhi! Buhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!」


In the anime, Piggy Duke’s ploy was superbly successful.

At the day that it was decided he was going to be banned from the country, from the current head of the House of the Duke, Piggy Duke was told「Slow. Never show your face in front of me ever again」.

Wasn’t there any other way to do it, Piggy Duke!


「Buhiiiiiii! Buhiiiiiiiiii!」

I recalled.

It was words that were said by the general director of the anime on some event.

『Piggy Duke is intelligent, strong, and kind, and sadly, he had guts. If you watched from behind this story, it was about his tragic story. Because Piggy Duke had the powers to succeed at everything, Charlotte was stolen by the main character. This anime is also, the story of a boy that continued to hide his feelings within his heart」


「Buhi! Bu! Bu! Buhiyaaaa. Buhiyaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!」


I rolled on the ground with momentum. It hurts, there might be wounds in my face. It looked pathetic. This was how Piggy Duke who was loved by the Wind Spirits looked huh. Surely, from somewhere, Charlotte is looking at me. Piggy Duke’s heart trembled very weakly.


「Ah. Piggy Duke had tripped!  Uwa〜, it’s because he ran with that figure」

「Pathetic. Die you pig. It’s really hard to look at really. Even if he’s from the Denning, House of a Duke, that’s too, right〜……


The Wind Spirits made the students’ voices reach me. The appearance of a pig rolling, that surely looks very interesting and funny. 「Everybody, look at that. That’s the pig dance of Piggy Duke yo」Damn it, stop saying nonsense. I can hear all of you. You should just practice sword or anything……a-re, since I can hear their voice, it means…….

Maybe even in the anime, did Piggy Duke heard all of those words of abuse?


「Ah! Piggy Duke looked here」

「There’s no way he could here from this distance you know. O〜i, you pig. See, he can’t hear. O〜i, Piggy Duke. See, he can’t hear」


I shook off the mud that got stuck to my clothes, and started to continue running, circling around the very wide training area.

It is sword techniques class right now, but I asked the teacher to let me run by myself. The teacher, with an astonished face, gave permission. Deep inside, he was probably relieved. It’s because I didn’t take the sword techniques class properly at all.


「Buhibuhi, Buhhi. Buhhibuhi」

In this Magic Academy, the classes are done focused on lectures, body techniques, sword techniques, and magic.

But, Piggy Duke had dropped the body techniques and sword techniques in the anime. I now know the reason for that. It was impossible to take good grades with body techniques and sword techniques with this body.

The students of the same grade were holding a sword in the middle of the training area, fighting by pairs.

Piggy Duke does not have any friends, so pairing by two’s, was from the start, an impossible thing. Even right now, there were a lot of students that are talking behind my back, but there were not even one who had worried about me.


「Buhi!Buhii. Buhhi」


Not telling anyone about the feelings for Charlotte, it was stupid of Piggy Duke to do everything by himself.

Without relying on anybody, the stupid me who continued to think of only one girl.



But, the me right now, does not want to walk that kind of future.

After regaining the memories from my previous life, there are a few things that I had decided.

And one of them, I am doing it right now.

Firstly, let’s get thin.


「Buho. BBuu. Buhou」


Piggy Duke on the anime, did not care about his looks at all.

It was because people other than Charlotte, didn’t mean anything to Piggy Duke at all.

But, I know that what’s waiting ahead was only ruins.


「Buho, Buho」


The previous me became Piggy Duke, I thought that the personality of Piggy Duke disappeared.

But, he hadn’t disappeared.

Every time I saw Charlotte’s appearance, Piggy Duke’s heart was shouting.

「I love you buhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!」


Ah, I tripped! it is not suitable to run with such a heavy body so it was natural. Damn it〜you’ve gotten too fat, Piggy Duke! Be more careful on how you looked!


「He tripped again. Piggy Duke, I wonder what he wants to do」

「Didn’t he got scolded by his Papa? You know, they say that Duke Denning is strict on grooming right」


The sight from the girl students pierces through me.

Saying things like, He’s still, running. Saying things like, diet, it’s too late now.  

Damn it! I’m so annoyed! Shut up! But every time I got annoyed, Piggy Duke’s heart trembled. He was saying, “Don’t mind the opinions of others buhi”. ……No, you’re wrong! I will tell you back, Piggy Duke! That was the reason that you’re bad! The world’s not as naive that it would go according to your plan!

Everything, there’s no good keeping it all to yourself!

Come now, hurry up and run!

You Piggy Duke!


「Buhi! Buhi! BuhiBuhi!」


From now on, I’ll breakaway from the Dark Piggy Duke and aim for the White Piggy Duke!

Aim for it! The popular pure white Piggy Duke!








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