Buta Kōshaku ni Tensei Shitakara, Kondo wa Kimi ni Suki to Iitai – Chapter 1

1st Pig – Aren’t I the Piggy Duke


I woke up, and regained my memories of my previous life.

I jumped out of the bed in a hurry, and moved towards the mirror.


「Aren’t you too fat, me」


A black colored messy haired wealthy fatty, no, a pig.

But, I know this face from my previous life.

It was the hated character from the popular anime「Girl & Shuya」.


Girl & Shuya is an anime about a boy from the House of a Baron who was blessed with talents for Light Magic, and even while he was being looked down, he got along with girls, and resolves the girls’ worries and the fights with the other countries.

And, towards that main character, the one who was looking down at him was me.


The Duke’s House’s third son, Slow Denning alias Piggy Duke.

Looks down on people, brags about his pedigree, fatty, real orc, having a lot of reasons to be hated, in the end, a boy that would be banned from his country.

That tragic future, the Piggy Duke have.


「Really, he’s a fatty」


In addition, this guy, the retainer that he secretly gives his heart for, even became a member of the main character’s harem, he’s that misfortunate. A pitiful fatty that even his parents told him in the end that he was picked up from a bridge, that they had nothing to do with them.


「Can’t this be called as a real orc」


When I was thinking of that, *KonKon*, the room’s door was knocked.


「Slow-sama, are you awake? I had brought you breakfast」


Retainer, Charlotte.

The students of Kurusshu Magic Academy, which I am affiliated with, needs to go to the cafeteria to eat breakfast, but I fully used my pedigree to eat extravagant breakfast in my own room.


「I’m awake. Please enter, Charlotte」


Silver hair that extends to her shoulder was elegant.

The nobility that overflows from Charlotte who was dignified as if she was a snow goddess exceeds her stature as a retainer.

But, that should really be the case.

Charlotte is keeping it a secret, but actually, she was a princess from a different country that had ruined.


「I have prepared so please wait for a while」


Right, this Charlotte was the retainer that was going to be stolen by the main character.

But, from the viewers that saw the anime, I think that there were not a small number of people who wanted Piggy Duke to be bound with Charlotte.

And I who was saying that was one of them.




The time when Charlotte was picked up by the House of Denning which was the House of a Duke, was dating back when Charlotte and Piggy Duke was 6-years-old.

In the middle of the forest at the fiefdom of Duke Denning, Piggy Duke saved Charlotte who was being sold as a slave.

When Charlotte was young, she had felt indebted to Piggy Duke, but with the war with the Empire, she gradually moves away from Piggy Duke.


And the Magic Academy’s second year at winter.

Being saved in from a dangerous situation by the anime version main character, Charlotte had fallen as one of his harem members.

Even Piggy Duke had noticed that Charlotte yearning for the main character, so he did his best with a lot of things but it was already too late.

All that he did and went to do ended running in circles, he even became a laughingstock.

It was Piggy Duke who was the worst like that, but he was overwhelmingly ahead of the pack in the popularity ranking of the anime「Girl & Shuya」.


There are three reasons for that.

First was the anime version main character simply did not have popularity.

You are not suitable for that harem! there was that kind of jealousy.

All of the girls that appear on the popular anime「Girl & Shuya」were very cute.

It couldn’t be helped.


「Slow-sama. I have prepared your meal. The soup might be hot, so please blow on it」

The second was the misfortune of Piggy Duke.

On the back settings, it was said that Piggy Duke knew that Charlotte was the princess from a ruined country.

Piggy Duke, to protect Charlotte who was being targeted by the Empire, was fighting day and night against the assassins from many countries on the back part of the anime.

But he did not tell anyone of that achievement, the good places were all taken by the anime version main character, he was that kind of a pitiful person.


In addition in the anime, Piggy Duke did not reveal his love for Charlotte until the end.

The hated Piggy Duke, in the end of his years, when he was about to die as a magic slave, it seems like he whispered “Charlotte” and died.

That tragedy was very popular for viewers.


And, there was one reason left for the reason Piggy Duke was popular.

That was.


「……Charlotte. Thank you always buhi」



Charlotte, to my words, it seems like she was surprised from the bottom of her heart.

She was so surprised that she dropped the tea set that she was holding, *Gasha*, it made a high-pitched sound.

「I-I’m sorry, Slow-sama!」

「No, don’t mind it」


While collecting the broken pieces in a hurry, Charlotte was surprised, and looked at me.

The broken pieces that were above the red carpet float, fluttering, it showed off a brilliant dance.

It was not shown in the anime, butーー


「The Wind’s Mischief Starts Silently (Windle Dance)」


ーーthe Piggy Duke, in the written history, was the magician that was loved the most by the Wind Spirits.


The season was the hot summer.

Piggy Duke, no, I am 16-years-old.

It had been one year since entering Kurusshu Magic Academy, my bad reputation had already spread throughout not only inside the school but even to different countries.

But, I can do anything about that.


「Charlotte. It was late, but……good morning」


My retainer, Charlotte.

No, Princess of the Ruined Empire, Charlotte Lily Hugh-Jacques.


「G-Good morning to you too. Slow-sama」


*Pecori*, looking at your bowed head.

I was not able to do it within the anime, but.

I will become a man that was worthy of you, that, I firmly vowed within my heart.









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  1. If follow by the synopsis then I suppose we can hate/dislike the original Piggy. But still, I can’t help but Pity him for he got NTR-ed by the Anime’s MC. And also, Original Piggy can be call Anti-Hero of some sort since he did things hiddenly, though I still can’t feel good about the NTR that he faced in the end.
    Thanks for the chapter.

    • Krishna K says:

      What does NTR mean?

      • James Black says:

        It’s a term for when the main character’s lover is being stolen from them. There are several branch terms, but those are for specifics in who’s telling the story. Generally applies for cases of ‘stealing’, and tends to be used even if the people involved weren’t lovers, as seems to be implied here.

  2. Alyuna says:

    Hmm, I want NTR revenge !
    Steal the MC’s harem !

    Thanks for the translation.

  3. Hildegarde says:

    The setting kinda like ‘Expected to fall bla bla, i aim to become blacksmith’…
    but i like how the author put that mc on the bad side lol, and as always, free magic affinity…
    Dont let me down please~

  4. GM_Rusaku says:

    .   几
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    .  \_ww / ̄丶|Thanks!
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    .// フつO  Trick or Treats!
    .V/  /〉    Nepu

    I don’t usually read novels with NTR. But when I do, I crave for revenge!

  5. phoenixir says:

    Ano ne, Chun-chan. Did you know? Orcs actually taste like lamb? I’m talking about the naughty way of tasting, of course♡!

  6. Waa~
    Poor Pigsy!
    Damned harem protagonist!
    Though, to fall in love just because someone saved you? That’s too much of suspension bridge effect!
    Though Pigsy never was open…………..
    But this time he can change!
    Go Pigsy!!

  7. How did I get here? Dunno.

    What happened to me in my first life? Don’t care.

    What matters now is I CAN FORCIBLY MAKE MY SHIP SAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ^^^^^^^inner thoughts of the reincarnator inside piggy boya.

    Thanks so much for all your hard work!!!

  8. cheesepit says:

    Awwwwwww!!!! Finally, a male main lead that has one love interest 🙂

  9. onefallenleaf says:

    That’s was so sweeeeeet!
    And how great that piggy duke character is!
    If he suddenly got slim or something at the end, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was the main character 😂

    …..oh wait, he IS the main character.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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