Wilhelm – a 62 years old captain of the knights. Had no rumors of having a woman until now, a beginner in love that had always spent his time as a bachelor.
“If you lay a single finger to Carol, I will send to the bottom of hell!”

Carol – a daughter of a Duke whose engagement canceled by the prince. Was longing for Wilhelm who saved her ever since she was young.
“Please live a life together with Carol, Wilhelm-sama”

Zack – Carol’s childhood friend. A commoner, but have played with Carol since they were young.
“Whatever you say, I’m going to follow(accompany/obey) you until I die alright!”

Rayford – Flarekista Kingdom’s first prince, and Carol’s ex-fiance. Looks like he woke up to something like a true love.
“Listen, my engagement with you is canceled from today!”

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