18 comments on “Kujibiki Tokushou Chapter 303

  1. Kriellz says:

    Paichun~ man thank god that you’re not dead.

  2. Endless :3 says:

    ¡Está vivooooo!!

  3. treyon says:

    ITS ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. thanks for the translation, i really missed this one

  4. bcahthekill says:

    Oouh~! Paichun revive

  5. Aeginleif says:

    Hell yeah!!

  6. Ungrave says:

    Do my eye’s deceive me?!? Is paichun really alive after all this time?!? Hail!

  7. Glad to see you are alive and kicking

  8. Vast R Ellai says:

    paichun it aliveeeeeeeee………….ittttt aliveeeeeeeee

  9. Nyankochi says:

    I miss you paichun 😭

  10. Chevair Elame says:

    More than the chapter, I’m just glad you’re alright. We were worried about you.

  11. sfcipher says:

    Welcome back.

  12. Krozam says:

    …Oh, you’re back.

    *Tries to act indifferent while going “HELL YEAH!” inside.*

  13. Lynkaster says:

    *quickly hide the tombstone*

    I believed you were alive paichun, I always did ! TvT

    no, seriously, I’m glad it’s the case xD

  14. Tije says:

    He’s not dead.
    He’s just Hibernating.

  15. furupawa says:

    welcome back man
    thanks for the new chapter

  16. ShadeDeity says:

    Welcome Back Paichun! Glad to see you’re okay. Hope life is well and free time is abundant for continued TL!

  17. ichibaka1 says:

    Should we rename this site to Paichun’s zombie translation?

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