Level Up Just By Eating Chapter 7


Here‘s Chapter 7.

I hosted this novel on another site, but my collaborator disappeared, and I wasn’t bothered enough to repost it until now.

I’m about to finish translating Kujibiki Tokushou(reach the latest chapter) and I needed something that has a harem to translate, so I went back for this.

There will be 1 chapter a day, at least up to chapter 47.

I will not count this novel for the patreon sponsored chapters.

2 comments on “Level Up Just By Eating Chapter 7

  1. King Leecher says:

    Hi, You know another translator was working on this (Hyouka) everyone is saying you poached this series, it may be worth contracting him or agree to collab on it.

  2. Baranok says:

    Wait, you mean on the site that disappeared? You were involved in that?

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