Different World Pharmacy V3 C4 Part 1


Here‘s Part 1 of Episode 4.


5 comments on “Different World Pharmacy V3 C4 Part 1

  1. nabil7797 says:

    Happy new year tho late greetings :3

  2. PogChamp He is alive PogChamp

    By the rules I abide
    I’ve prayed for some time
    He is back I describe
    “Release time” I cried

    With regards to our lord and savior, Lord NepNep

  3. mevan883 says:

    HAPPY to see that you are still alive and is still translating this series.

  4. nyankochi says:

    YEaaahh!!! Paichun is comeback!

  5. sfcipher says:

    Happy New Year! And welcome back. Hope everything is okay with you.

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