Dungeon Seeker V5 Illustrations


Here‘s the illustrations for Volume 5.

Volume 6 would be sold this month, so I’m looking forward to that. Volume 5 is a major cliffhanger so I didn’t really have the spirit to translate it or even re-read it.

Spoilerーーsomeone’s going to die in Volume 5. Ahhhhh. Bad ends, annoying antics, and some truth revealed. “Damn it Junpei” is what I’ve thought the most while reading Volume 5.

By the way, I didn’t include one illustration because it’s too much of a spoiler. I’ll update it when I reached that part though.

Well, looking at the illustrations beforehand is a spoiler itself though.

19 comments on “Dungeon Seeker V5 Illustrations

  1. ohmariowv says:

    I don’t want you to tell me, but I’m hoping that it’s not Ami.

    • Jason Jacky says:

      Yea, it’s definitely Ami. Killed by the b*tch Noriko. (Atleast, that’s what happens in the latest manga chapter.)
      So, probably our MC will go berserk after Ami’s death but can’t do anything as he will be thrown into the dungeon again and by the time he gets back from there, Noriko will be a f**kng granny with kids and all.

  2. Xyll says:

    U know what, i couldn’t even re read the previous chapter due to the negative content of the novel. Hahaha. I’m still wondering why i haven’t give up on reading it already. Damn

  3. goviroday says:

    I need a spoiler… The killed one is amy right?

  4. Neko says:

    U know 🙁 saying sum1 ded is spoiler enough to pretty much guess who died 🙁

  5. crywolf641 says:

    Mth fck. It’s going to be Amy. Bad end means its Amy who is going to die. Hayz.

  6. Namae Nashi Desu~ says:

    Yup, the author-san really sadist with his novel. Just it too darker than black. Just what have being through in they live to make them have this kind of idea anyway? Maybe someone already call the police or doctor for them to check their mind anyway……

    • You watched recreators? do you know what the author of the old man said to him when he asked why did he have to suffer such misery? ” It’s all for the sake of entertaining the audience ” so no matter how shit this novel can be , it has nothing to do with the author’s life personally

    • Jo Ha says:

      Just my stupid thought or opinion. I think the author made this novel because he was disappointed when reading arifureta due to its… well you know if you read ‘Arifureta’ at least untill the “bunny” character came out

  7. tamachii says:

    lel everyone putting their betting cards on Amy, well since she, the dude of the messages and the guy near the lake are his only close ppl, Amy is the only option there… poor girl…

  8. smoggythebear says:

    If it’s a bad end, like everyone else, I’m guessing Amy, especially after looking at Junpei’s genuinely pissed off face.

  9. fabcelblog says:

    I am placing my bets on her; the way she is being developed she is too much of an emotional crutch for Junpei and given what happens to people’s weakness in this world…..

  10. Gek says:

    Everybody bets in amy, lets killer jumpei guys

  11. wshall1902 says:

    Poor Junpei…
    We knew him well,
    thus here,
    he rests.

    Now Ami
    must uphold his quest,
    and find her sister,
    deep within,
    the earth’s abyss.

    = ^.^ =

  12. Some Dude says:

    i’m willing to bet my bank account that Ami will die, probably because she convinced MC to show mercy or do something that later on led to her death and he will hate himself even more and be even more edgy and kill crazy.

  13. do not worry possibly who is going to die is Ami or maybe Granny Loli. and remember that he can bring it to life in some way for example with some kind of labyrinth relic or maybe you defeated hades the god of the dead and stealing his skills will not fail. I meanwhile I do not know you, friends, readers will try to raise my rank with my donations to support Paichun so I can read this novel fast. my question is when will it be release date of volume 6.

  14. Martin says:

    Does anyone know where I can buy the dungeon seeker manga? (not the novel)

  15. I think it’s noriko kill amy and junpei goes berserk

  16. CindyGwaps says:

    Ill spoil to.. I remember someone spoiled us in previous chapter It was wen Noriko regret pushing junpei and suffered..Noriko… I guess the illustration shows may include Noriko in it and as for who died I hope it was THAT FAKING NORIKO!! Hell yah b*tch norikooo

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