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Sorry for not releasing chapters recently. I apologize especially to those who give donations.

Lots of things happened recently in my real life and I did not even have the will to post it here for some reason. Definitely not because I was too busy, or thought that I should just write it when I would release a new chapter.

I’ll do my best so that I could translate more chapters soon. Most probably, by next week.


PS: If anyone wants to pick up the novels that I’m currently translating, please feel free to do so.

I might continue to translate them as well, but if you really insist, then you’re free to do what you want.


28 comments on “About recently

  1. 205780 says:

    well, i’m just glad to know that you’re still alive.
    hope RL will sort itself out (soon(tm)).

    fight OOOH

  2. Pirogoeth says:

    Thanks for letting us know, I hope things are better now mate.

  3. cdsky3 says:

    Hope everything is all right…real life happens, usually suddenly and really, really fast. I think most of us just assumed you got caught in one of the storms! If there is anything you need from the community, please, speak up!

  4. Ryu says:

    Good to know you’re alive, lol.
    Jokes aside, hope everything works out and other words of encouragement that i am to dumb to think of.

  5. Seinvolf says:

    Thank u always for ur great work…

  6. Kronos says:

    Dont worry man, RL fucks with everyone, we can wait, best of luck to you

  7. ParaIsGone says:

    holy hell patches, the most important thing is that you are alive. I don’ care that you have not had the time to translate (even though I *really* wanted to see some more isekai pharmacy) the good part is that you are not dead. ya gave me a real scare with that one, what with you going awol really close to when the hurricane happened. translating should never get in the way of your health or stability. so take as much time as ya need I will keep checking in on an hourly… I mean daily basis.

  8. Dark Jackel says:

    Ok. 🙂

  9. greywing says:

    We all look forward to your translations because they are so amazing and you put so much into them. But life can throw exploding lemons into the mix. Take your time and come back when things get better.

  10. Scott Sacchi says:

    First off, take care of yourself! Secondly, do what you did and let the community know when you get a chance. Third of all, f*ck the haters and people dropping anything negative. Finally, after taking some free time for yourself, plz give us more translations 0_0 I needz them!

  11. Kessennuma says:

    I wont stop waiting for more of the Dungeon Seeker from u even if u beg me to stop, so.. Dont give up, Paichuuuun!!!!!

    • Doom Emperor says:

      Patience is a virtue…but it’s been so long I need more Other World Pharmacy!!

  12. venushkafdo says:

    thx keep up plz i am looking foved

  13. Barkon says:

    Take care.

  14. Rashel says:

    I’m glad that you still alive, it’s abnormal for you to suddenly disappear in such a long time without post any news, some tell me that you may caught up in flooding incident. It’s good to see you well

    Put novel aside, you can drop it if it too much for you and yes, life is much more important

    Have a good day paichun, 😁

  15. REEekks says:

    Don’t feel pressured on making more translations, it’s better if you’re happy then stressed. If RL comes then take it on will full force. Never give up

  16. Obscuro says:

    I thought you had died

  17. Readtilltheybleed says:

    When someone as active as you suddenly stops posting it makes your fans want to file a missing persons report… I enjoy your work and I think we all appreciate what you do, but if you need a break you should take it… and, even if you want to wash your hands of translating, while we will all miss it bitterly, you should know that we all understand and will accept that as your own choice. I would certainly not like that outcome, but I think sometimes life becomes complicated and priorities can change. At any rate, if you are able to notify us and relieve your fans of their worries and soothe our twisted imaginations from debating on your cause of (death) absence… it would be preferable.

  18. Galapagustortoise says:

    First of all, it can’t be help it, cause that’s just life, second it’s good that you atleast left a post and not suddenly disappeared but please finish the chapters or those with separated parts specially the one’s with Donated money with, bcuz well the money is already given maybe gave it back to the people donated it before asking if others want to take the translation.

    • Donations are not payments received for services rendered, they are given freely with the hope of motivating the translators and easing their financial burdens. Many translators put the donations into actual charities and others use it to offset their income while working part time or going to school. These donations have no correlation with the number of chapters translated. Honestly, considering the going rate for translating books is, on average, around $5,000, I can’t see how anyone would dare to expect so much from these people who are providing us so much content without requiring any mandatory payments. Obviously this happens because the translators don’t own the rights and are not actually selling the story… but they are working hard for the sake of our enjoyment.

  19. K says:

    Take your time and don’t worry! I’m glad you are OK and we will patiently wait for your translations! Thank you so much for the hard work! I personally enjoy Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi. Thanks!!!

  20. derrick says:

    i believe that if you keep writing dungeon seeker to atleast 300 chapters this can become a anime in 1 of the best manga

  21. derrick says:

    just 4 things this manga only need for it multiple romance characters for the main character also please give us sex in this in more adventure

  22. derrick says:

    oh in please give the main character his black hair back

    • ceptolk says:

      What are you talking about? He didn’t write dungeon seeker. Paichun is NOT the AUTHOR, but the TRANSLATOR. And there already is a manga. I don’t know if you’re a troll but please don’t spread false information like this because there are idiots who might believe you and become and inconvenience to this person who translates as a hobby.

  23. Doom Emperor says:

    Please update The Adventures of Falma-kun…I mean Other World Pharmacy please!

  24. Obscuro says:

    you realy stop the translations? ;-;

  25. bozzGanza says:

    just take your time, n hope you can overcome your RL problem GANBATTE !!

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