Knight Captain’s Young Wife Chapter 29


Here‘s Chapter 29.

Well, thank you for everyone that supported me in translating this series. This is the last chapter for the volume 1 of the light novel, and the last chapter I will translate for the series.

Unfortunately, I will be dropping it. Compared to the other series that I took to translate, this one is very different in being shoujo-like novel. That is one of the reasons that I picked it up, but also the reason I am dropping it. It’s not that it is not a good novel, but it does not fit with my palate. I picked it up because I thought I could learn something from it, and right now, I have other things to do, so I do not want to translate a genre that is originally not what I prefer.

Long story short, I’m not comfortable in translating it anymore. I am very sorry to everyone for being unable to complete it.

Thank you again for everyone who supported me on this series.


2 comments on “Knight Captain’s Young Wife Chapter 29

  1. Dark Jackel says:

    Thanks for sticking with it as long as you did. 😉

  2. Chronos5884 says:

    Thanks for translating it for us!

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