Just a little on the edge.


I’ve started translating about 6 months now. It isn’t that long, but I found out a lot of things like how my grammar and English sucks, that there’s a lot of difference reading Japanese and translating Japanese into another language, and that too much typing would actually make my fingers feel painful. I’ve averaged 2 chapters a day, with at least 1000 words coming from at least 3000 Japanese characters.

Anyways, I’m on my way to learning Mandarin because, well, I actually like translating, and I would like it to be my job. Unfortunately, translating Japanese light/web novels is in the gray zone, making it harder for me to feel legit. Also, there isn’t a lot of Japanese novels with 1000+ chapters, making it unsuitable for Patreon. Really, it’s too bad that I can do nothing about it. My god. Just looking at Patreons on wuxiaworld makes me die from envy.

But even so, it would take me 1-2 years to be able to be at the least, “good” at Mandarin. I’d probably do a lot of MTL-ing as well because I want to read advance chapters. I remember the times when I read Mushoku Tensei raws before it was completely translated into English. Well, reading Japanese visual novels and playing H-games was another reason that I tried to learn desperately. There was this “drive” inside me, yes. I heard that Chinese novels have n number of ways to describe the action, so maybe that will be my drive this time.

Oh well, I’m really busying myself with a lot of things. Everything isn’t going well or the best that I hoped it would have, but I try to keep myself positive, I’ll try to do my best.

Schedule for next week (I hope):

03/20(月): Hon Issatsu / Manga Yome
03/21(火): Dungeon Seeker / Manga Yome
03/22(水): Isekai Yakkyoku / Manga Yome
03/23(木): Hon Issatsu
03/24(金): Dungeon Seeker
03/25(土): Isekai Yakkyoku
03/26(日): Dungeon Seeker


10 comments on “Just a little on the edge.

  1. cl0udman says:

    Good luck making a living off of translating, I hope you enjoy it!

  2. nelus4blood says:

    You may think that your grammar sucks, but i think that it is quite good!
    and i hope you do great at the mandarin classes, because knowing more langauges is good for widening your horizons (i’m quite the envious here because i don’t have the cepability to learn thanks to my autism T-T and it’s quite the miracle that i’m able to use english -god bless gamefreak’s pokemon games for that)
    so i hope you can fully use this classes to be ‘good’ at mandarin, and i hope you can make a living out of the thing you love.
    and thank you for your hard work you’ve done up till now
    greetings from a dutch nutcase with autism

    P.s. even if your schedule is 2 chapters a week, i am visiting daily to enjoy your great work, and rereading them!

  3. Dark Jackel says:

    You’ve been doing a very respectable job, both in terms of grammar and fluency, so don’t sell yourself short. Thanks for all your hard work! 😄

  4. jaycorridor says:

    Please fix the hon issatsu chapter link error that leads to an unknown page.

  5. dvlbug says:

    I will agree with Nelus4blood. Thank you.
    Live as you want, develop yourself. Another.
    PS. But try not to throw translations))

  6. Keep up the good work bro! and look at the bright side. If you think your English is bad, it can only get better from here on out 😀

  7. amaxwell3 says:

    The Web si

  8. amaxwell3 says:

    Doesn’t wuxiaworld have a lot more translators and editors. Is that site not just bunch of translators that put all projects all on one site so could advertise there work. I think your being rather unreasonable to your self to compare your self to them. I also think it only natural wuxiaworld will have more followers.

  9. Awesome work! Keep working at it and don’t worry it will all work out!

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