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Here‘s Chapter 81.

Recently, I searched for some novel with a harem that has a lot of “action” but there isn’t a lot of them. My definition of a harem should be one with 10+ women. I mean, “good guy” MCs killing people here and there but couldn’t touch the women around them makes me like wtf every time. A lot of famous novels with “block head” MCs though, shows that making the readers annoyed is a successful way.

I won’t force my preferences on others, although I want a novel with a lot of “action”, I also believe that authors that make its readers frustrated are successful ones. After all, they could bring out or create some emotion out of reader using the words they’ve written. Just like people who get famous because of their massive amount of haters. I also think that having an MC being fancied by n numbers of women but ending up with the blandest heroine is also a good plot by the author, making their readers not forget their written works. Making an “if” story would also be profitable after all.


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  1. hexwolfx says:

    Ya I fill your pain Paich-san

  2. “I also think that having an MC being fancied by n numbers of women but ending up with the blandest heroine is also a good plot by the author, ”
    Seriously no! Just…..no! This is both annoying and Very annoying at the same time. This is just the Author trolling everyone at the final end and that’s Not a pleasurable thing.

  3. trojan13ic says:


    btw: how about Kokugensou wo Item Cheat de Ikinuku

    Current TL is stalled.

  4. TamaSaga says:

    If the author made a crappy ending like that, I’d never support them ever again. It’s probably the main reason why I jump straight to the ending before I start reading from the start.

  5. I agree a lot with what you said. The main reason I got so tired of anime and manga after all the years and got to reading novels is exactly because of those things that you listed.

  6. kaaz07 says:

    How bout lucky gacha?
    No one translating it right now

  7. Nonhentai Harem MC with lots of actions (even if off screen) is rare as hen’s teeth. Countable on two hand, I think.
    Off screen as in cue to the start of action then fade to black, next chapter/scene a reminder that he get lucky last night.

  8. gospelkiru says:


  9. eldegollado1 says:

    neta chara?

  10. MildFracas says:

    i cannot say with words how much I agree Paichun. I’ve scoured around for a long time and only found a small handful. The reason is likely because manga and anime’s largest and most profitable demographic(by far) is the 12-17 age range. This effects novel arena as many light novel authors aspire to have their story put into manga/anime form and by keeping it in the U-17 range that makes it much more likely to happen.

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