Plans and Goals.



Hey guys, it’s Paichun.

It’s about five and a half months since I started this translating thing, and well, it has been quite fun. Rather than re-reading my favorite novels in Japanese, I learned an advanced skill to translate it instead. Well, it’s physically impossible to translate like 10 chapters a day so that disappointed me. It would take hours to translate each chapter.

But anyways, I continued it, and although my words are crude and pathetic at the start, I also got the feeling that I am improving. Both Japanese and English are not my native language after all. But thanks to the accumulated anime watching, manga reading, and watching movies that I have done since I was a child, I was able to learn to read the Japanese language several years ago, and although I suck at English since using my native language is enough for me to talk to my peers and friends, I think that I’ve improved a lot compared to a several months before. I am still improving and increasing my vocabulary, but well, that is something that would take time.

Anyways. By the way, the reason I learned the Japanese language is to, well, read the continuations of animes in the light novel or manga raws. I’ve watched One Piece, Dragon Ball, Bleach, Naruto, etc, since I was young, and I already half-learned the language anyways due to continuously watching anime and reading the subtitles. So then I decided to learn it all, just for the sake of doing it. Well, adding to that, being able to read and play untranslated visual novels and eroges is quite cool for me too.

So then, I started to learn Japanese, it took me only a few months to understand the Japanese characters (Kanji/Hiragana/Katakana), since I have accumulated experience on watching anime etc. And since then, I have read most of the novels in, and I am still looking for interesting novels looking at the daily rankings.

And so. I decided then to get something out of this skill. Since I’m reading novels just the same, I thought that translating it wouldn’t be too bad also. I also thought if I should just buy a bunch of visual novels and just play, but I thought I wouldn’t get anything from it so I just decided to translate and post them here. I am clueless on how to create websites or techy things so I made a wordpress site and just did what I can.

Well, enough of that. Things that are written above are not very important.

I have failed again this month for my goal of finishing the sponsored chapters queue I have. It’s just that, there are things that happen irl that I can’t avoid. I’m really sorry for not posting for consecutive days.


And so, here’s my plan for each project that I have right now.

Kujibiki Tokushou 
-I’m thinking of maybe, 2-3 chapters a week + sponsored chapters.

Manga Yome
-I think that I’ll catch up to the latest chapter next month.

Kenshi Mahou
-Hmm. 1-2 chapters a week I guess. Maybe I’ll re-edit the novel. There are a lot of “desu wa” “desu” in the novel, which I don’t mind but some people do, so if I have some free time, I would.

Itai no wa Iya nanode Kyokufuri
I feel wronged about this novel. Well, a few months ago, I thought that it would have a light novel version after some time, but my predictions were wrong, so no fancy illusts. Too bad, really. Probably 1-2 chapters a week too.

Knight Captain’s Young Wife
-I think that I’ll post 1-2 chapters a week. I seldom use omission or (‘) in this novel because it’s in written in a noble lady’s first person view. I can’t really translate it for the best since I don’t know much about royalty or aristocracy. I’m doing my best though.

Isekai Yakkyoku/Different World Pharmacy
-Maybe 2 chapters a month + sponsored chapters. I’m very sorry for the slow release. Well, I’ll do my best with this novel. Unfamiliar medicine terms, a unique storytelling. This, well, I can only say I’ll do my best.

The Dungeon Seeker
-Yeah. As long as there is a queue for sponsored chapters, I will continue. Honestly this novel is really tiresome for me. Anyways, I’ll try to finish it. Only 4 volumes are currently released. I found out that this isn’t a novel that I would like to read many times.

Hon Issatsu de Kototariru Isekai Ruro Monogatari
-After the sponsored chapters queue, I’m going to think if I’m going to continue translating this. The length of the chapters is in random. Reading it is fine for me, I really like how the MC kills every enemy. But making a schedule on how long it would take to be translated is a headache. Some chapter is twice or thrice the length of another.

Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi
-I searched at NU if it was already translated, couldn’t find anything. But I found out later on that it was already translated, just under a different title. I don’t know if I’d continue this. Maybe I’ll skip to the 21st chapter then.


Oh well. I’m thinking of releasing 1-2 chapters + sponsored chapters a day. I won’t push myself anymore to release a bunch of chapters a day.

And so, by the way. Looking at some of the Patreon of Chinese translators, there’s like 100+ patrons. I really wish I could also do that, but there isn’t a lot of Japanese novels that has like 1k+ chapters so I can’t borrow their technique. I’m so envious tbh. I have taken too many novels. Maybe if I finish all of them, I’ll take on a 10k characters/chapter novel. I’m thankful for everyone who has supported me, but I think that it is really disheartening when I compared my pathetic self to them. Well, nothing can be done anyways.

Other than that. My goal for this year is to learn the Chinese language. Some of the Chinese characters are similar or exactly looks like Kanji characters, so it shouldn’t be that hard for me. I’m confident that I could learn the basics this year. By then, I probably have caught up to the latest chapters of the novels that I’m currently translating. I’ll job change into a Chinese translator then.

Or maybe, reading untranslated Chinese novels would take all the free time I have that I wouldn’t be able to translate for a while. Hmm. I need to be diligent. Fufu. By then, no more waiting for MW or DE to be translated.

Well, taking care of myself, college studies, translating, studying chinese, doing things with friends, doing stupid things, doing miscellaneous tasks. Hmm. I really don’t know when I would sleep from now on. I haven’t watched anime or movies, or even play games for a while. I really need to learn how to multitask.  (´・ω・`)  Need more coffee to stay up late in the night.


9 comments on “Plans and Goals.

  1. goblinrou says:

    Well that’s a lot of series you’re translating there so i’d say it would be wise to schedule the releases.

    Thanks for the translations and keep up the good work.

  2. Mark says:

    I really appreciate what you do.
    Also, do remember that if you are no longer motivated to translate any novel, you should stop translating it. This has to be just a hobby, right? If you ever feel pressured then take a break. (Do not abandon us though :v)

  3. nelus4blood says:

    Don’t worry so much paichun, your allready doing a terrific job as it is!
    so what if the release is a bit jangled? It’s still a hobby for you, so please, take allmthe time you’ll need to translate. Ans just like mark said, i also hope that you don’t dissappear from all the stress all our expectations brings you .
    just take your time and relax, and know, your translating work is appriciated by the masses of leeches like us.
    thank you for your hard work you’ve done up till now!
    and have a nice evening (yep, evening, here in holland it’s 9:46 pm)

  4. Dark Jackel says:

    Thanks for all your hard work! 😄

  5. TamaSaga says:

    To be honest, it’s rather uncommon that the Japanese Kanji directly correlates to Chinese. They do exist…but I really wish it were more common. That said, I have been able to back out the rough meaning of a Japanese sentence just by looking for any Chinese characters that look familiar, so it’s not all bad.

  6. Thank you for all your hard work. Its really hard to find good consistent translations. So i really appreciate all that you do. (.) 🙂

  7. deadtoxic says:

    Thanks for the Hardwork sofar 🙂
    I really wish i had your talent for learning languages … waiting for Martial World and lots of other wuxia i follow are wearing my reading spirit down -_-
    Anyway, have a blast and try to take rest in between atleast :P.
    And Remember, too much coffee is never good XD

  8. thanks again for your efforts and time spent translating these ln’s :), I must say that I only read Hon Issatsu de Kototariru Isekai Ruro Monogatari & The Dungeon Seeker. and I’m really addicted to the the later (The Dungeon Seeker) and wake up every day with hope to see new chapters and so I am saddened to hear that you seem to dislike this ln :/ but please continue to translate it. if you were to stop doing so I would be very troubled as I can’t read Japanese and do not posses the same set of skills as you do. So I wish you good luck and courage on translating the new chapters to come 🙂

  9. tivamoo says:

    Wish my Japanese can be as good and do translations!

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