Dungeon Seeker V3 C3 Part 2



Here‘s Part 2 of Chapter 3.

I got sick…………well, a free trip is good and being the third wheel isn’t really bad, if you’re treated with something that was probably worth half a year of what I’ve been doing. Made me feel complicated. I want to be someone rich in my next life. I’d prefer to born in in a wealthy family that has few enemies……Hmm…getting sick is really the worst. I really shouldn’t do things that I’m not inclined to do…… Getting sick makes me fantasize things that would never come true, especially during resting on a bed. Oh but, I also do fantasize during sleepless nights so there’s no difference huh. But the headache….


One comment on “Dungeon Seeker V3 C3 Part 2

  1. myuu7 says:

    get well soon fam 🙂


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