4 comments on “Isekai Hourou Meshi C2

  1. Milanin says:

    Hello? Just wanted to toss you to look atđ novelupdates’s series/regarding-the-display-of-an-outrageous-skill-which-has-incredible-powers/ — Which seems to be the first 20 chapters of this story

    • Milanin says:

      And now I feel like an arse… Didn’t even check if the site still has the chapters up or not…

      • Milanin says:

        … And now I feel ike kicking whoever has the links on NU under their wing in the arse… yamitranslations’s /p/regarding-display-of-outrageous-skill_16.html has the first 12 listed with working links

  2. Victor Liou says:

    This is actually pretty interesting, I would have not found out if you hadn’t translated a another chapter. Thanks for the chapter 😀

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