Isekai Hourou Meshi C1


tondemo-skill-1Mukouda Tsuyoshi, summoned from modern Japan to a different world of sword and magic.
He thought of what kind of a huge adventure was waiting for him, but actually, Mukouda is just a civilian who got caught in a 『Hero Summoning』!!
And that Mukouda’s base status shabby compared to the legitimate heroes(There’s even three of them!)……
On top of that, the king who summoned Mukouda and the rest was suspicious, and Mukouda left the castle by himself realizing 「Ah, this is the type that heroes would only be used」.
The only thing that Mukouda could rely on in this world is his unique skill 『Net Super』――it can only order goods from modern Japan to the different world.
“It is not for combat, but if I use it properly, I might have no trouble living?”, Mukouda thought lightly, but actually――he found out that the modern「food」that he ordered would display ridiculous effects!
On top of that, ridiculous guys who were attracted by a different world’s food gathers……?!!

Here‘s Chapter 1.

No harem less serious plus mofumofu = saikyou.

12 comments on “Isekai Hourou Meshi C1

  1. Vincent Lin says:

    Out of curiosity… Hasn’t JanukeTranslations translated the first 20 chapters of something with the same premise?

    I mean, I know it’s probably a different story, but I’m getting Deja vu from the synopsis.

    Anyways, thanks for the new translation!

  2. notusloyal says:

    No romance ?

  3. foblivions says:

    This is a crime…. The content of the first episode is so much like Word Master that isn’t even funny.

    • Sleepy says:

      nah it’s different enough, while the first episode is similar to Word Master, for Hiiro it because the country had sacrifice their princess, while here it’s because the appearance of the king. also this MC does this to avoid his power to be used as it is not battle oriented

      • foblivions says:

        I guest the devil is in the detail right but the premise is the same which make me cringe. I was tought that is stealing… I guest the idea is stricter here in USA. But not strick enough to allow an orange bloat fish dictator to be elected

  4. hoshiandme says:

    uh I have a question, and I don’t mean to be rude, and so, here is my question. Aren’t there already chapters of this LN up to 20? Since you, you are translating it, why not translate from the chapter that was last updated, Paichun-sama? >.<

  5. Saw the manga, liked the first chapter, came here. Please continue translating this, Paichun-sama! Your quality is so much better than the other ones!

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