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Hey guys. Well, hearing a price hike really doesn’t feel that good, but honestly, I can’t help but do this. Unlike a few months ago when I have a lot of time, didn’t really mind this hobby(?) of translating, and is also the time when have not yet checked other translators properly, I don’t have that much freedom now. Well, I can just say that things in real life will be good for a long term (studying, making friends, family things, etc), and I don’t think that a few bucks is more valuable than doing what’s mentioned above.

Especially when I saw Martial God Asura’s 5k patreon. I felt like “wtf”. For example, for me to get that right now, [$5000/Kujibiki Tokushou($15/cp)] = 333+ chapters in a month. That is, well, quite impossible no? I’ll make it as [$5000/($25/cp] = 200 chapters. Well, although I don’t believe that I can translate 50 sponsored (+ regular) chapters a week, it is still less ridiculous than 80+ chapters a week.

Honestly, 5k patreon’s the most donations for translations I’ve seen yet, and I’m not sure if that would continue(I would hope so for them), but my $15/chapter isn’t really good for me(because I’d feel bad for myself working more than I probably should), and it would be bad for the translation community since it is lowest price set(my guess).

Donations that are a quarter, no, a fifth of that is good enough for me though. Also, I’m planning to post regular chapters(weekly), based on the amount donated every month(I will announce a week before).

Anyways, I would probably be able to write long excuses and explanations for justifying this action, and thought of doing it, but I won’t make this any longer. Just typing this three hundred words made my HP fall down quite a lot.

Thank you for very much those who have supported me and to those who will continue to do in the future.


4 comments on “Price Increase on Sponsored Chapters

  1. exqalph03 says:

    Well, I myself don’t really know what’s so great about MGA that it’s reaching that much but well, I can only say that it’s because of the regulars accumulated from time as it’s been quite a time when it started and as wuxiaworld got many readers/regulars.

    Good luck with the fifth of it, I can’t really contribute in it as I don’t really have the right card for it.

  2. gospelkiru says:

    ohhh. ohhh?

  3. kenchan223 says:

    25 is avg enough lol

  4. Actually I’ve always thought that your prices on sponsored chapters are way too low, because I’ve seen translators that are not as good ask for 60 dollars a chapter.

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