Manga Yome C64



Sponsored by Shin Amazake-sama! Thank you!

Here‘s Chapter 64.

Hmmmmm….I hoped to finish all sponsored chapter this month, but a lot of unexpected things happened that I’m not in control with so I just failed to do so. Well, I got quite busy recently with studying+social life+tests+projects+reading+playing(stress relief, not so effective though), so translating became my last priority. Couldn’t spare a few hours a day recently, but I’ll probably have a lot more free time next month.


One comment on “Manga Yome C64

  1. nelus4blood says:

    Don’t worry about the small stuf, just take all the time you need and know that your own social obligations and school are more important then translating.
    and thank you for your hard work and the new chapter!

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