Apology, Future Plans



I am really sorry for not being able to post new releases this month. It is just that I had some things that I needed to do, forcing me to be away from my gadgets. I had expected it, but I did not expect it to take so long. I am really sorry, especially to those who had donated. I feel really bad for you. But nonetheless, the things that happened in my real life, this month was very important so I can only apologize for it. In chinese novel terms, I am about to have a breakthrough in my cultivation, or in japanese, well generally, I’m in a training arc to defeat the enemy, or have a new member in my harem (I only wish).

Well, you guys would probably prefer actions more than words so I will only do in the future. More specifically, starting next year, or next month, I would release at least one free chapter a day that I prefer, plus at least one chapter for the sponsored chapters. I now have novels with different length with each chapter so I can only guarantee two chapters a day, because doing more might exhaust me, then have delays. However, I’ll probably do more than two chapters more often.

Thank you for those who are supporting me. Initially, I just only started this to get a few bucks to buy light novels, more so to support my hobby. But it is starting to grow more so I’ll have more attention on this translations thing, like having a fixed schedule. Other than that, someone told me that if this was a part-time job, I had been fired. Well, from now on, I’ll do my best to not get fired then.

Anyways, thank you again. Sorry for not being in touch, but next time, I’ll say in advance if some occasions happen.

Aside from releasing few chapters, I’ll probably be back after the New Year’s. I wish I had some superpowers or whatever to deal with unexpected things, but unfortunately, I’m just a normal guy, and unlike novels, claiming that I’m normal is literally normal and the truth, so I can only apologize and say better terms.

Advanced Happy New Year to all of you! See you soon.


6 comments on “Apology, Future Plans

  1. sfcipher says:

    Thank you for the update. It is the fact that everyone needs to deal with real life issues. Some take longer than others. Take care and have a Happy New Year.

  2. nelus4blood says:

    Well don’t worry about the small stuff, your real life comes first no matter how long it takes.
    So keep your head up, look forward and be proud on what you’ve already accomplished.
    have a blast with the changing of the year, be merry and we’ll see you in 2017.
    and thank you for all the work you’ve done in the past year.
    greetings from an dutch nutjob~🎵

  3. Mesmerised says:

    No worries! Real life stuffs are definitely more important to you.
    Keep up the good work! Really appreciate your translations and waiting for your comeback!
    And a Happy New Year!!!

  4. crywolf641 says:

    no worries. Just asking though when do you plan on posting a chapter for Cheat Book? just curious for a while now.

  5. Maybe you can try to find an editor that can help with the work

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