Different World Pharmacy V2 c11


Sponsored by Sam White-sama! That, in the illustration, didn’t happen in the web novel…but might as well post it.

Got really busy for the few days…didn’t have the HP left to translate so it got really late.

Here‘s Chapter 11 of Volume 2.

My grammar for this chapter felt very awkward. Well, the author’s writing is also very weird. The point of view is messy, writing the thoughts of characters here and there with no clear indications. And I really suck, so that’s also something.
I dunno how much I searched for the medicinal Japanese characters that I’m not even sure if I know in English.
Anyways, I probably wouldn’t be putting the meanings of the terms that would come out. Research it yourself if you want to know more. It isn’t written in the original text, so search for it if you’re interested in it.



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