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I read the previous translations in here, and I thought that chapter 10 was the next one I should translate  (´・ω・`). But there was already chapter 10 when I checked in the novel updates when I was half way finished translating it, so I thought I might as well finish it……well…..I don’t know how to feel, but…maybe you can use this chapter for comparison.

Ellen-san, rather than someone who calls Falma-kun as “Master”, she’s a friendly big sister next door who is the childhood friend of Falma-kun’s big brother Palle. I used a lot of -san/-sama which the previous translator didn’t prefer to use. Also, the words might be not medieval-ish since I just translated it literally without using machine translation. Well, honestly, I searched for the words and characters that it’s my first time needing the specific definitions.

Here‘s Episode 10 of the Second Arc.

Hmm….Falma = Pharma(cy), but it’s the same thing so whatever. Ellen-san had more clumsy attributes had a more friendly atmosphere, like Falma-kun’s big sister. I dunno, maybe I should find more difficult words, but it’s written as a “light” novel after all……nah, my vocabulary just sucks I guess.

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  1. Jaegarpan says:

    I dont care what the hell happen
    As always thank you for the chaper
    Just re read, case close, for me

  2. Yunchii says:


  3. Mesmerised says:

    It’s here! Been waiting since the announcement! 😀

  4. I would appreciate if they put the whole series on this website and not redirectionated, thank you.

  5. qkvoice says:

    Yay! This is back!

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