Loli Himo Chapter 1



It’s a very short prologue. Our goddess Loli-sama has yet to appear.

Here‘s chapter 1.

The next update…I dunno. Maybe next month. Or maybe if a gentleman who likes lolis but is not a lolicon (?) sponsors a chapter ($40). I’ll release the other illustrations also when that gentleman appears. Or maybe when I finished translating all the chapters someday.


5 comments on “Loli Himo Chapter 1

  1. zarethknyght says:

    So many series being translated…but none of the ones I’ve read are even close to the fun parts yet.


  2. foblivions says:

    That picture is a crime!!!
    Yes lolita! No touch!!!


  3. trojan13ic says:

    I know where is this going… too much project… sigh…. Goodluck!


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