I’ll start again, I guess.




Hey guys.

I’m going to make releases of the illustrations for the novel in advance. If you don’t want to see spoilers, I suggest that you won’t look at them. Fancy pictures. I need donations to get the next volumes though. Well, I still need to catch up so I don’t need to rush I guess.

But well, by the time that I’m able to translate them, most likely, I think that you’ve already forgotten all about them though.

I’ll resume releasing chapters after a few days. It’s not like I have a stock of them since I’ve been doing other things, but I’d try to translate many chapters as I can. But I don’t know, I’ll probably release more of the ones that I prefer more.

The others, I don’t know how “fast” I would be able to translate them, but I’ll try to at least update them for sure.

Also, I’ll make teasers of light novels once in a while. That might slow down the other series, but whatever. I’ll do what I want I guess.

After all, you can donate for faster release of the novels that you like. And I’m very grateful to Sean Emanuel-sama and Shin Amazake-sama since they did just that. Thanks to them, TDS had comparatively faster releases.

Well, that’s all I guess. By the way, you can support me by whitelisting your AdBlock for this site.

Thanks. ミ☆ヽ(○ ´ ∀`○)ノ☆彡


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  1. hexwolfx says:

    That looks like a good game plan

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