The Dungeon Seeker Volume 1 Illustrations

Here‘s the volume 1 illustrations.

The volume 1 of TDS, half of its illustrations was only about status. Well, the volume 2 is pretty much the same for the illustrations. But yeah, in volume 3……

…….also, volume 2 almost have the same length as volume 1, meaning there are less chapters but longer……however, I don’t want to put it in parts since it would kill the pace of the author……but whatever. I’ll translate it anyways, the difficulty only got harder = maybe longer time needed to translate.

It looks like I have a lot of complaints in translating this novel, but hey, I get resistance bonus every time I type about things like corpses or a nude old man tentacles or cannibalism.

I probably wouldn’t complain if I’d type about lolis or mofumofus tho. ( ´ ∀ ` ) Unless it’s about them getting butchered or something, that would be nice.


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