The Dungeon Seeker Chapter 9

Sponsored by Shin Amazake-sama!

Here‘s Chapter 9.

Sorry for the delay. The real life really attacks so suddenly. Anyways, after this, I’ll try to release the epilogue as soon as I finish translating it.

My experience in translating the volume 1 of this novel: I learned a few anatomical letters. I also found out how convenient fucks and shits in making sentences. If I used them, my translations probably were full of those. I am also now better at reading letters vertically. Still gets confused when TLng to light novel then web novel, or vice versa. I think I searched for words twice as much of web novels, since I could see the light novel’s vertical letters differently… but I probably got used to it, well, decently.

It was a really nice experience tho. I still owe Shin-sama up to the Episode of the Volume 2 of the novel. I’ll probably finish it this week….. (´・ω・`)

I’d probably release a teaser today or maybe tomorrow about a novel where a high school guy was living off a very rich elementary school loli. Even stopped school to play with her and her 2 loli friends which are also very rich…… well, please look forward to it, I guess.*Not R-18. I probably won’t translate R-18 novels.


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