The flames might be burning low


Well. It’s the start of the 3rd month of translating for me and if you have seen my website from the 1st month, you probably thought that I have a ton of releases per week. But honestly, my translations are getting slower instead of faster.

Here’s what happened.

Have you ever courted someone? Trying to impress somebody, in the case of me translating, you can say I was courting the readers to come and read my translations. I knew how my English and grammar suck, but there’s someone else worse so it’s okay right, plus that would improve along the way. So yeah, I got more people who would read my translations. I did pretty much my best with fast translations, although there were a lot of releases, typos and wrong grammars was plenty too. I got what I want. Many readers. Better English.

Now, I think what’s the next thing.

I could continue on doing what I’ve done right now, many releases. But I also have other things that I want to do. I want to play games too, one of the reasons I started translating is because I played too many games and read too many novels. In other words, I wanted to do something new. And right now, it’s the third month, I can’t say that it’s still pretty new to me anymore, so there’s one less motivation.

But hey, there’s people who like the novels and my translations and support by donating so that’s a huge plus. I could enjoy entering the world of the novel, then after I spend hours on translating it, someone gives me a coffee. That’s pretty nice right.

There’s also people who say thanks and likes the posts so that’s a huge plus too.

But honestly, I can’t think that I could continue releasing 20 chapters every week anymore. Unless I do something that would stimulate me. Fuel to my fire. Thing like donations. Yeah, like most people, I’m very weak to money.

Haha, well, it all comes to that point after all. You need that too right. That’s why some people stop doing their things. There’s not enough stimulation, the fire is disappearing. That’s my situation right now I think.

I’d still try on releasing a chapter a week for my current projects. Maybe more if I feel like it. Or better if someone could sponsor the novel. I’d love that and would surely make me more motivated.

I’m planning on releasing teasers of other novels for the next month. Probably at least one series a week. That might increase the chapter released and I feel bad for those fans of the other novels that I am currently translating since instead of updating them, I cheat on other novels, but I’m sorry. I can’t help it. Originally, I am someone who gets fed up with things very quickly. I need to mix up things to be able on continuing wanting it.

It’s like playing a game with the same character and the same equipments for a month. You’d want better equipments after playing that much right. (Translating time for me is at least 2 hours per chapter. If it wasn’t fun or if there weren’t things that I could learn from it, I probably didn’t start translating. And no, I am not using machine translation)

Authors of novels have their own preference on their use of words. So I thought, I can have better grammar and vocabulary by translating many series. After all, if I’m going to do something, I want to have the most out of it.

But, yeah. Sponsored chapters are exceptions of course. I’d translate with that anytime.

Mofumofus, here I come. ミ☆ヽ(≧ω≦)ノ☆彡


*From the time I wrote this, I might suddenly take back all that I’ve written. But hey, that only means more translations. Mood swings are really bad for me sometimes.


13 comments on “The flames might be burning low


  2. ryve16 says:

    Youre doing great work. But….i want the random rants to come back! Thats what started it for me….and the cuteness too of course…mostly the rants…

  3. Ty for your work, i really like the novels than you are translating right now. I dont have any problem with you translating new novels, just dont put the other on hiatus or drop them D:

  4. Teivel says:

    Whatever you do I’ll comply to happily as long as you bring me a mofumofu a week, I’m reading tons of slow translations and it’s frustrating not being able to read them faster, but it’s worse when they’re not translated at all…

    rants for a while

    But anyway! Thanks for the hard work! I’m gonna support you in the only way I can! (leaving a small note at the end of the chapter filled with happiness!)

    Mofumofu~ ->

  5. Hildegarde says:

    o great warrior, thats why i told you like a few months ago, careful not to exhaust your spirit and got burnt out…
    like i said as always, it is okay if you just release 1 chap every day, no one is forcing you…
    and lastly, thank you very much as always, maybe nothing much could be given from a lowly leecher like me but, we are giving our deepest gratitude …

  6. exqalph03 says:

    Well, haha XD!
    Just why did you need to release 20 chapters a week? really? A daily release is already a great fortune for us, so good luck with you~ 🙂

    Thank you for all what you’ve done so far, with you burning with all you’ve got, lol. ^^

  7. Yanto Sonata says:

    is the reason for adding another translation project is due to previous translation project are allready catching up with the current novel that you translating?

    • Paichun says:

      Not really. But its caught up to where I can clearly remember what’s going to happen next, so it just seem like simple work, it’s not that fun translating for me.
      Plus, I have grasped some of the words often used by the author, so there’s less things I can learn from it compared from translating new series.
      I just need a little break from them, probably.

  8. Kisato says:

    The way Dungeon Seeker is as it is, that’s probably going to be a golden goose until it’s novelty wears off.

  9. winrander5 says:

    i few days ago i stumble upon your work and i like the novels i don’t think you have issues with grammar and all that but i am impressed with the speed of your transactions i didn’t witness it but all i wanted to say is thanks and it’s ok to slow down i

  10. if you want to spice things up for yourself a friend of mine that used to translate says that they used to start at the bottom and go to the top, it’s challenging but they said it helped to keep it interesting.

  11. hasseno says:

    Isn’t that pretty normal?
    Get interested in something new.
    Then spend time with it.
    Then the motivation runs out.
    Then you either find the desire to go on, or find something new (again), which is step 1.
    (take it with a grain of salt. Not too many people accepts it)

    btw, thanks!

  12. thedefend says:

    Okay, burnout, time to change the slogan at the top of the site wink wink

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